Should Need Arise

List of numbers to report any cases of voter fraud and intimidation for each state.

Alabama 334-242-7210
Alaska 907-465-4611
Arizona 602-542-8683
Arkansas 501-682-5070
California 916 657-2166
Colorado 303-894-2200
Connecticut 860-509-6100
Delaware 302-739-4277
Florida 877-868-3737
Georgia 877-725-9797
Hawaii 808-453-8683
Idaho 208-334-2852
Illinois 217-782-4141
Indiana 317-232-6531
Iowa 888-767-8683
Kansas 785-296-4561
Kentucky 502-564-3490
Louisiana 225-922-0900
Maine 207-624-7736
Maryland 410-269-2840
Massachusetts 617-727-7030
Michigan 888-767-6424
Minnesota 877-600-8683
Mississippi 601-576-2550
Missouri 573-751-2301
Montana 406-444-3976
Nebraska 402-471-2555
Nevada 775-684-5705
New Hampshire 603-271-3242
New Jersey 609-292-3760
New Mexico 505-827-3600
New York 518-473-5086
North Carolina 919-733-7173
North Dakota 701-328-4146
Ohio 614-466-2585
Oklahoma 405-521-6457
Oregon 503-986-1518
Pennsylvania 717-787-5280
Rhode Island 401-222-2345
South Carolina 803-734-9060
South Dakota 605-773-3537
Tennessee 615-741-7956
Texas 512-463-5650
Utah 801-538-1041
Vermont 800-439-8683
Virginia 804-864-8901
Washington 360-902-4151
Washington DC 202-727-2525
West Virginia 304-558-6000
Wisconsin 608-261-2028
Wyoming 307-777-5860

OpEd on OpSec N00bs ;)

I have read too many bunk scare tactics and all-out ridiculous articles that are all hype with no facts about the Mirai DDOS Hack. It’s time to step up to set things proper.

Now sit down and shut up as I explain a few things to ensure you completely understand all that has happened and what will be happening if we don’t stop it. I need to bring some up to speed as not all of my readership is at the same level of understanding, so read deeply or skim as necessary.

A Chinese security camera maker has admitted that it was its products that were used to launch the recent cyber-attack which caused that massive internet disruption for millions of users. The CCTV cameras were made by Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co.. While Xiongmai didn’t say how many of its products had been infiltrated, all cameras made before September 2015 were potentially vulnerable. This has highlighted the threat of connected devices in regard of the botnet, if not overall how reliant society is upon our devices. It puts the very real threat of an EMP into perspective, don’t you think? It’s made me realize that I will be finishing my faraday cage sooner than later!

What is referred to as the “Internet of Things” (IoT) includes CCTV cameras, DVRs, vehicles, Environmental monitoring, Infrastructure management, Manufacturing, Energy management, Medical and healthcare, Building and home automation, Transportation, Metropolitan scale deployments, Consumer application, and Unique addressability of things (i.e. RFID chips, Unique addressability of things, IP address or URI). It all started with a Coke machine at Carnegie Melon in the 1980’s, believe it or not.

The Operation of Mirai is well understood because its source code has been published. It takes a collective working together as a finely tuned orchestra to pull off such a complicated and multitiered hack such as this. No fly by night effort, this was planned, truly a labor of love… as I see it done for the citizens of the US, began by New World Hackers (NWH).


They said they organized networks of connected “zombie” computers called botnets that threw a staggering 1.2 terabits per second of data at the Dyn-managed servers.

“We didn’t do this to attract federal agents, only test power,” two collective members who identified themselves as “Prophet” and “Zain” told an AP reporter via Twitter direct message exchange. They said more than 10 member participated in the attack. It was not immediately possible to verify the claim.

Hacktivists are an intricate part of fighting back against our corrupt government. You all have been able to bear witness to what the contractors who have been hired to “work security” turn to do to peaceful protesters in our nation. Tear gas and dogs with gnashing teeth set upon children and even pregnant women who dare to exercise their civil liberties against big money corporations. Who cares if we have fought for those liberties generationally by serving in the military? NOT the corporatocracy that our government has  systematically devolved into… of that, I can assure.
I’m totally heartbroken (NWH) retired from the hacking scene, but I understand and respect their reasons. If I were them, I’d have done the very same.


CLICK -> Scroll down past the face to read the Q&A

Don’t get your knickers in a twist, just keep reading, continue to LEARN. As always, I try to be a light unto your path on this journey of education.

The Denial of Service Attack (DDOS) hijacked CCTV cameras run through Dyn Inc. using malware known as “Mirai.” The beautiful simplicity of this malware is what makes it so infinitely dangerous. Mirai is malware that turns computer systems running Linux into remotely controlled botnets that can be used in large-scale network attacks. Mirai continuously scans the internet for “Internet of Things” (IoT) devices and infects them by using a table of common factory default usernames and passwords to log into them. A device remains infected until it is rebooted. After a reboot, unless the login password is changed immediately, the device will be reinfected within minutes. Mirai includes a table of subnet masks that it will not infect; private networks, United States Postal Service, and Department of Defense.

DontWorryIf these hackers wanted to do damage, they COULD.Obviously, they don’t, given their specific exclusions.

HOWEVER, this hack wasn’t about shutting down that which was essential to the lives & wellbeing of American lives. While far too many lazy Americans are too busy being lazy and “techtarded” to bother changing the default username and password this ensures that their (IoT) devices were infected. As the day wore on, the attack spread across the country taking out numerous large websites including Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Netflix, Amazon, eBay, GitHub, TAirbnb, and the New York Times. But, you didn’t hear me whining about it… unlike so many. Probably the very same individuals who were too lazy to change their usernames and passwords! #Techtards

RULE 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure

This hack was about exposing a vast & dark expansion of government hacking before it’s too late. Beneath these new laws bestowed upon the FBI, they would have unilateral authority to secretly use pestiferous malware to hack into hundreds of thousands of personal devices that belong to innocent third parties, even the victims of those very crimes. The consequences be they unintended would be unthinkable. For instance, it will massacre the civil liberties of American citizens, rendering the 4th amendment rights to be prevued only in historical documents. Our constitution is a living document, one they are endeavoring to murder outright.

The new plan to drastically expand the government’s hacking and surveillance authorities is known formally as amendments to “Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, and the proposal would allow the government to hack a million computers or more with a single warrant. If Congress doesn’t pass legislation blocking this proposal, the new rules go into effect on December 1. With just six work weeks remaining on the Senate schedule and a long Congressional to-do list, time is running out.” –Wired

I hope this explains why Op Mirai the mass DDOS was truly done in the hope of waking the American people up by education. Telling them to educate themselves before it was too late, just this December.  Entirely dismantling the Mirai Botnet could be a “white hat” hack, if the hacker was given unilateral government permission, as it would break the law in 90% of the world’s nations – states individual ethics and strategy are consequent to collective determinants, of course. Removing malware & chance default credentials would be the entire purpose of this hack. They’re primarily being used for their intended purpose (although many are sold as ‘security’ appliances, laughably) Difficulty remains in how to notify device owners which tend to vary more by device. Given the corporate media are all presstitutes who are trying to SELL you the botnet rather than tell you the facts behind it. This upcoming law I described above is hinged upon the people going along with it, no muss – no fuss. It passes, we lose more of our rights and they get to rob of more of our constitutional liberties.

It has become painfully obvious to me in the past year that our system is more broken now than EVER before. What really began opening my eyes was the Brock Turner case. Lately it continued with 18-year-old David Becker was charged with sexually assaulting two unconscious women at a house party gets two years of probation & no conviction will appear on his record so longs as he doesn’t violate that probation. Ongoing a father ‘repeatedly raped his 12-year old daughter and only gets a 60-day sentence, and I learn this is NORMAL? God help us all… our society has failed our children. Continue past the sources, I’m making a point!

Yet, when it comes to hackers the US judicial system downright throws the book at them. Regardless of them using their abilities to help cases or not. If your daughter was gang raped and the police were dragging their feet, part of an old boys club and refused to do what needed to be done, would you not be thankful to those with such skills? I know I would. Things need to change… be the sentences rolled back from ridiculous for those with zero compassion or logic. Or these individuals to be praised as the heroes as so many perceive them to be – Myself included! So you all realize, Deric Lostutter is one of my personal heroes.

Less than a week before Lostutter’s arraignment, Brock Turner was given early release after serving three months in jail. Turner was a Stanford athlete who was sentenced to only six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman behind a dumpster. And in February, a student from Indiana in spent just one single day in prison after pleading guilty to violent rape.

This is a conversation that needs to be discussed with those who appreciate we, the people far more than investing in sports athletes. Not everything is about money!

If any of you need clarification in the upcoming months as things proceed, you need only ask. If I don’t know, I will find someone who does. The world is a cruel place, full of people who are only out for themselves… I think we need to look out for one another!! We are in this together!!

My dad called me this morning, I could tell by his tone it wasn’t going to be our typical cheery morning chat. He had a concern to his voice, I immediately asked him what was wrong. That was when he explained what was happening. Dominion Resources had locked their doors on all of their employees, regardless of how long they had been with the company; be it 1 year or 40 years.

This is a company that just left downtown Clarksburg as well as a building they had entirely paid off for the prestige of White Oaks in Bridgeport… to the tune of 30+ Million dollars. We citizens were all given assurances they were not leaving and would continue to be a vested employer for those who worked there and our area without worry. I even found quotes in our local paper; “We’re here to stay,” Orndorff said. That was Robert Orndorff, Dominion’s managing director of state and local government affairs.

It made me wonder if he is impacted by this lock out?

Now here Dominion is displaying entirely oppositional work practices in regards to what they openly vocalized on so many articles I have read across the web today. Many of which, they have downright played the victim to the union, their own employees… our citizens, us in many of the local papers across the areas where they provide services. What is it with the corporations here in West Virginia? First Mylan Pharmaceuticals, now Dominion.

Please, you sorry beasts couldn’t be anymore predatory if you were born with snake fangs and black bear’s claws!! I don’t buy it!

Allow me to explain my stance, Dominion’s CEO, Thomas F. Farrell ll was paid $20,610,000 in 2014, which was an 89% raise over the previous year. Now this greedy, disrespecting to your intelligence, good for nothing is illegally locking out the hard working men and women who built up the very company which gave him the opportunity to become the millionaire he is today. Given this lock out is entirely illegal, the Union has already filed labor charges. So, Thank God for that!

The employees had absolutely no intentions of going on strike, they even told Dominion they would gladly sign an agreement stating such. Dominion’s CEO has instead decided it was far easier to simply lock out their productive employees in the efforts of forcing them to take their one and only offer. Yes, that was no mistake on my part, only one, singular offer has been made by Dominion. Both times that the Gas giant has sat down with USW Union Local 69 at the negotiating table they have brought the same ol’ tired offer to the table, absolutely REFUSING to budge. It cannot be called a negotiation if you are being a tyrant, Tommy boy!!

So, you are being lied to by FAR too many in your local newspapers and media outlets. Why? Oh you know… the same reason that WBOY couldn’t even be bothered to cover this story!! Because of inconvenient truths!!

This is what the fight is all about:
While the “tentative agreement” retains a company-paid pension and retiree health benefits for all current employees, new hires as of Jan. 1, 2017, would not be eligible for retiree medical benefits. In lieu of the pension, new employees would get a “cash balance” pension plan and an enhanced 401(k) savings plan, which is a 40 percent reduction compared to the traditional pension plan.

This means in employee terms, DIVIDE and CONQUER aka Corporate Greed wins.
They are making more money now than EVER and the new employees should have the SAME benefits as the last employees, only Tommy boy and his motley crew doesn’t want to take a million bucks less off their own annual pay to make it happen. There is nothing wrong with capitalism, in fact, I am a fan! However, capitalism does NOT mean screwing new hires!! It means everyone can make it! 

Getting back to the conversation I had this morning I had with my father. He asked me to write Trump for the Union workers, not at all how I expected that conversation to end… at all. Those who know me, know that I am painfully active in my local community. Nor am I a fan of either major party candidates, but when he asked me to do this, being the daddy’s girl that I am, I agreed. It was not the easiest task in the world, given I especially loathe the man he chose for VP.

I admit it is not my finest work, I was not fully read up on the Dominion situation and I was entirely uncaffeinated. But, here is the message I sent to Trump this morning under the behest of my beloved Daddy.

Contract negotiations continue between Dominion and the United Gas Workers Union Local 69. This comes two days after the company locked out nearly 1,000 union workers in six states over a 2.5% pay dispute. Keeping in mind, Dominion’s CEO Tom Farrell was paid $20,610,000 in 2014 – an 89% raise over the preceding year. Hundreds of those union members are in West Virginia, one of the strongest base of voters for Mr. Trump. Many of them were forced to apply for unemployment benefits yesterday. But not before meeting Hillary’s people who were passing out her cards and providing undivided attention on their picket line.

I grew up on WVia’s campaign trails and I know the Appalachian people because I grew up here, despite traveling all over the US and abroad. It is VITAL that the people of this area receive the hands-on attention they very much deserve from the man they will be putting both their vote and faith in to be the next PotUS. They have been battle hardened by the adversity they have met in all areas of their lives and we continue to see the aftermath of the War on Coal impacts with what can only be described as a depression in several of our counties, spiraling out across our state already.

I do not trust Hillary Clinton any more than all size 6 of me has the ability to throw a Rhinoceros to the moon… and truth be told, you have yet to earn our collective trust, you simply have not yet screwed us over. So, I ask that you put your actions where your words stand still fresh in our minds. Please help these God-fearing folks of the Appalachia, many of whom have well over 39+ years in to get their pensions & retirements resolved with Dominion Resources.

If that is not possible… then at the very least, please send a strong team of your finest in your stead to show solidarity. Allow them to know you have not forgotten your promise to make America great again starting with the areas that have been hit the hardest under the elitist rule of Obama as you are in the chaotic race for the presidency.

Being Frank,

Francie Floyd

Appalachian Tough, But We’ve Had ENOUGH!

Divided, We Cannot Stand

Our once proud and free country has become a greedy corporation under the guise of a nation, ran by lying, thieving gashes. This is the government that we have allowed to take control, with heads hung in shame, let to rise in power over generations… yet, with eyes wide open we do NOTHING to end this painful & tyrannical stranglehold about our necks, let alone the threat bearing down upon future generations, and the world!

I ask you one moreover , WHY?

Here among those I hold most near & dear, I will share with you, my theory of our American situation, Murican’ mindset & current conditioning of a spiteful stalemate within ourselves.

Mark 3:25 And if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand.

50 companies owned the television media back in 1983. Now, 90% of the media you watch comes from six sources. 232 Media Executives control the information diet of 277 million Americans, that means 1 media exec to 850,000 subscribers. That is called the illusion of choice, boys and girls. If you don’t believe me, feel free to hit google. You will only serve to prove me correct.

The water felt fine right up until panic set in… right?

We citizens here in the United States have become fat, comfortable and frightened of our own complacent & bloated shadows; we fear to rock the boat due to endless lawsuits which will make things far “too difficult” for us to even want to try. We have become a country of COMFORT whores. We are PAINFULLY aware of what even talk of a civil war could bring, all because of what we took to the countries we brought “democracy” and “freedom” from an “iron-handed” government thanks to 24/7 coverage on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, BBC, and so on!

We sit, watch the idiot box, and PRAY for a dramatic distraction of prolific insurmountable odds as the system chips away at our constitution and do absolutely NOTHING so long as we don’t have to break a sweat as we see others SLAUGHTERED on the idiot box or online… while in some the propaganda works so well they yell “Redneck got what he deserved!” and applaud as the father of 7 children lies bleeding to death in the snow with no weapon found upon his person. THAT was an unarmed American shot dead on American soil by FBI agents for simply protesting, staging a “sit in” as so many democrats call & applaud those. Since when is that a crime? Remember Occupy Wall Street?

I waited and watched for the liberals to have American outrage for the brutal murder of that man… only it didn’t happen. I have seen them have outrage for inner city black men who had beaten up shop owners and stolen from them when they were killed… why not this man? My logic driven brain didn’t understand.

You didn’t like his particular way of life, fine. But a fellow American NEVER deserved to be shot with his hands up, then left to die face down in the snow without medical attention for occupying a government building and excessive littering as I have heard far too many with cold hearts and liberal minds express it. What the hell is happening?


Where is your outrage?

The most recent Black Lives Matter movement protests led to rogue assassins murdering police officers as they protected the very protesters that they were protesting against, the very officers that fought to protect them. The end result was 5 dead officers, 6 injured officers, and 1 injured civilian as the BLM movement was celebrating the deaths of officers in Dallas on twitter. I am sickened by that vulgar display of such hatred… I cannot fathom such a thing. Again, I am a logic based mind. I don’t drive on raw emotion.


Thank you, Mark! An American exercising both his 1st and 2nd Amendments! Screw you mainstream media!

There is no comprehension of “UNITED” in the US anymore – only us vs them. The programming has been a complete success, job done. I no longer recognize my fellow countrymen, many of those I grew up with, overnights with in my formative years, shared laughter in great abundance… they have forgotten what is important in life. It is as if their minds are cluttered only with the noise of the financial rat race of constant competition; Buy, planned obsoletion works against you with the loop of CONSUME, BUY, PURCHASE on a cycle of relentless repeat. No inner piece of peace can be found in a system working against you, it was built this way.
Welcome to the system vs you – The Lightbulb Conspiracy

No piece of peace to be found!!

My heart beats so hard in my chest I can feel where it has been broken, blood boiling in its veins as my warrior’s mind & patriot’s soul is nestled inside my fragile body… I sit puzzled as to why no one else can see the games. Wondering, is there no one that can see and identify the Psy Ops in action? What about the obvious Propaganda? At least the filthy out & out lies? Does no one else know about the changes to the Smith-Mundt Act? Damn it, they are destroying our country under cover of night… yet, you know nothing at all? The only emotion I will allow myself to feel is anger and frustration at my fellow Americans because they COULD be helping if only they would open their eyes to see it. I certainly do my due diligence as a handicapped woman, why won’t they? I write articles regularly, yet they cannot take the time to at least READ?
Oh yeah, convenience. *shake my head*

Propaganda used against Americans now
Legalized by the Federal Government

I find it strange and utterly selfish how people react to stimulus, to the trivial things they fluff up instantly getting angry, absolutely ready to fight. But on major matters where they should fight and rage for their children’s sake if nothing else, they throw up their hands as if there is no hope at all, we have the blood of patriots in our veins. Have we forgotten our roots so quickly, so very easily or was it all the drugs in the 80s? After all, it is the future generations who pay the steepest price for their apathy, feigned or not. It is time for us to fully recognize that!!


Rights Stolen are never regained without a fight!

The loss of our Right to Remain Silent was STOLEN from us by the Supreme Court – Salinas v. Texas which goes DIRECTLY against our Constitution, which is our law of the land the very foundation of which our country was established. Should it becomes relevant to you, remember to immediately invoke the Fifth Amendment, best to do such while demanding your lawyer then say NOTHING else until said lawyer arrives. Let them hear crickets from the depths of our silence.

Salinas v. Texas
Those which are naturally impassioned are conditioned, indoctrinated, and downright PROGRAMMED in the Red vs Blue agenda from, religion, birth, & geography. We are in this together as Americans. Remember back when “DIVIDED WE FALL” was taught very early and we all know it very well, instilled in us each and all as practical sense!!?
Somehow, everyone has either forgotten that lesson or more realistically been conditioned to no longer care. We are no longer proud AMERICANS that stand UNITED. Now Americans are 100 individual and different ideas to divide us into tiny cases, anything to fight and provoke arguments instead of uniting us?! Addicted to outrage, addicted to our territory to be offended… guess what? None of these provides privilege. So suck it up buttercups and grow wise to the reality of the rest of the world!! Life as we know it is about to change drastically!

First China refuses to provide Obama with a set of stairs when he lands. So instead of him having the good sense to leave, knowing how their culture is so astute with pomp and circumstance, he instead walks out of the ass end of Air Force One. I have nothing positive to say about this man, but the position of PotUS is to be respected when he took his leave out of the tail end of Air Force One, he disrespected our nation as much as China.

Next, the Philippine president went above and beyond by calling Obama “the son of a whore,” well at least he had the good sense to leave! The world knows our federal government is not to be respected. They are an infamous gang of crooks and thieves, robbing from the poor and murdering at will – Untouchable in their own lands. Their own people do not hold them to any written law, all as they scream and point fingers about ethics and morals under the guise to invade other lands to plunder as they see fit. I fear the gig is up, fellow citizens.
After reaching out to my friends all over the world to ask what they thought of our government, this is what I was told: 

“Your government is a JOKE, albeit sick & twisted. They cannot feed your own people, take care of your own veterans, they charge on average 300% more for necessary meds AFTER boasting to the world how our new healthcare would end for profit healthcare, and your military can’t even stop the Daesh – who are nothing more than a group of middle eastern gangsters. While conventional warfare is dead you can’t fight an enemy you can’t see. If you had gone conventional you’d be perceived like Nazi Germany, although is what you Should’a bombed Iraq n Syria into dust, sounds sick, but true. No terrorist cause, no people do what America used to do, kill em all n no one alive to attack n the ones that are too scared or too poor to try.

I don’t get what your leaders are doing either? Your military is obsolete, with three warships broken down with less than one year at sea. Your new warplanes received an f grade.

Your gov a joke n most of you, yankees so disillusioned you keep voting between a douche or a turd. America is gonna have 4 painful years either way. They are both sleazebags though, but trump doesn’t lie, he just says stupid things.
Who stays with a man that cheated… pay for play as sec state, accepts donations from terrorist sponsor nations, lies bout emails, fracks her lesbian daughter, and wants to change 2nd amendment, Bottom line; she did far worse than Edward Snowden why is she not in jail?

Then the media says it ridiculous? Screw that, she committed a serious federal crime! Bill Clinton should be in jail and the attorney general forced resignation after that private flight few days before FBI announcement.

60% of Americans don’t vote! Apathy will kill your country, like it did Rome.”

Then, I hear about Putin’s main car getting hit head on and his favorite driver of 40+ years gets killed. It was an attempted assassination on Putin’s life, but they failed. Even if it was the Ukrainians, the United States will get the blame due to our aggressive tactics worldwide.

Are you ready, should WWIII kick off? 

I pray we get our collective priorities together before it is too late to regain so much lost ground. It is not now, nor has it ever been Red vs Blue. Nor Conservative vs Liberal. In ALL reality, it is the System vs You!!

We are never awarded true choices in presidential races; we are given the choices A. Compulsive Liar knowing very well what she is doing or B. He who says stupid things without considering the consequences. Yes, that is how I see those two… one has already done harm, BIG HARM.

Question Everything! Unlearn what you were conditioned to believe. Relearn what you need to be real so you can get your “poop in a group” as Americans, as individuals! We are so much better than this failing system all around us.

Their limitations are not OUR limitations!! Be bigger than they can imagine!

Do not be a sheep to the slaughter, stand to question all things! 

This is our sad little reality, Our grandparents, parents, and we have created for ourselves as Americans, it took time to get here, but here we all are thus on a subconscious level, we all have all began growing fractures of deep self-hatred for owning these actions. Like tectonic plates, they shift, crack, as rage and depression rolls forth like sickness which only cripples and hinders progression.

So, what do we do?
We dive into even more self-destructive behaviors; over-eat, go in debt with credit cards we know damn well know we can never pay off to buy stuff we don’t need, nor even want, to try to purchase a moment of happiness, as we watch the elite in their castles in the sky that they bought on the sweat of our collective brow and our broken backs where we pretend we get a say in their self-appointed positions, as we take drugs such as heroin, meth & bath salts which rip and shred our minds, bodies, & souls, as we try to escape what morals are left in our now ethical bottomed out society while we feel completely helpless because even our pathetic local government is corrupt to its core due to cronyism and nepotism which only further feeds into our desire for true distractions and all around we all have a chip on our collective shoulders leading us to build tribes against one another for no good reason. If anything, it is a call to arms for us to UNITE against this nightmare!! We NEED each other now more than ever!!

What can we possibly do to help to resolve this epic shit storm that by our not getting involved, by our own apathy we have certainly helped to gestate, to create?

Be real with yourself and each other…

Many of us do what society tells us is acceptable. We go to therapy. We take big pharma drugs. We go to rehab to get off the drugs we were/are using to self-medicate. We search, yet we do not find. We facebook our problems on social media instead of FACING our problems, all in the efforts to create even more drama for any kind of distraction. But we refuse to do anything that will ACTUALLY SOLVE the real problems at hand because it would be “HARD,” even if it leads to an eventual solution and real relief.

Gratification Junkies – ‘Murica!

We have been conditioned to be a drive-thru convenience based society of instant gratification junkies with no drive for anything of REAL substance because we do not believe we deserve it. We can’t even stay in happy relationships that are worth saving, we screw them up for the sake of having a story to tell so we appear as though we have substance.

NEWSFLASH: We do DESERVE a real solution!! Everyone deserves Happiness, Peace, and Balance! Do one small thing each day that makes you happy, even if it’s childish! Then force yourself to RESOLVE something, even if it’s hard. Balance!

Tried God?
I suggest you take all that I have shared, considered everything. Be ready. Think BIG!
I am no pastor, I suggest finding one. At the very least,
pick up a holy book that doesn’t offend your soul. 


It is no easy thing for me mentally, emotionally, and spiritually to have revelations like this. It is a blessing to be graced with insight and discernment. I am truly thankful. I simply ask that you do take the time to consider all that I have shared, share it with those you love. Be ready for all that is on the next horizon. We are never promised tomorrow. Be Blessed.

Be Blessed.
WARNING: We must be careful. I suspect very strongly that the recent mainstream flood of information that incriminates our fellow Americans is little more than completely intentional. I feel very confident that the reason for this information going “public” (and continued coverage of similar material), Is intended to anger the American people. It is the obvious intent of the “powers that be” to cause mass demonstrations and possibly rioting…as “they” own and control every mainstream media channel that exists and its flow of information. Martial Law being declared is heading us towards the endgame. The entire purpose of the spying on our information was never to catch “terrorists”. It was always designed to target the thinkers & political dissenters, create algorithms to outthink us so that the machines could then label us, those who choose to exercise their Constitutional rights as “terrorists”.
Remember, propaganda used against fellow citizens is in the effort to make you see them as less than human. REFUSE to fall for it. Psy Ops is a powerful weapon of war, but the human spirit and Consciousness are the most powerful elements in the Universe!! Rise above.

Everything is in place for them to make this move. The NDAA and the Patriot Act paved the road gold for those who wish to bring in Martial Law. I implore everyone to be aware of the very slippery slope we are now on. We MUST not fall into this trap. Even if we protest peacefully, the Government will simply insert undercover agents into our protests to commit acts of violence to justify the declaration of Martial Law. We will need to place any and all protesters that seek to commit violence, under citizen’s arrest at that time. We must not allow this to happen the way they plan. This is the literal key to our success. If this information does not get widely known, We will LOSE via the deception I just described.

Are There Alternatives To Epipens?

I’ve been doing a bit of research, I am sad to announce if you need an Epipen yet cannot afford one there AREN’T any real cost effective alternatives right now. To be honest, I found ONE alternative on the market. Gee, could the FDA be to blame?

Adrenaclick from Lineage Therapeutics
  • Adrenaclick from Lineage Therapeutics is less than the Epipen by $20 – $50 here in the Mountain State. However, I am told that it is NOT as reliable. So, you do get what you pay for… in this regard, your life MATTERS more than 20-50 bucks!!
  • One fairly obvious alternative is to simply have a supply of syringes and epinephrine on hand. A three-month supply of manual syringes with the drug costs all of $20, so the potential for savings compared to spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on EpiPens is substantial. But, don’t leave that vial in the light as it degrades!
    Epinephrine Injection Kit
    Taking data from one study, on average it took parents 142 seconds (2.4 minutes) to draw up a dose of epinephrine using a syringe. Knowing how deadly anaphylaxis can be, this is something parents need to consider!! I suggest asking your pharmacist for a needle & vial to practice, then taking it upon yourself to trim your time!!
    Also, be aware that the Good Samaritan Law will NOT cover you using this method of assistance, should something go wrong. Me being me, I wouldn’t let that stop me from helping someone in need. If someone is dying, I will always step in to assist. If someone or their family is THAT horrible as to try to sue a good samaritan after the fact, I would expect a jury to do the right thing by the person who did the right thing during a crisis.

___Research & Development___

R&D – Funny how long it takes when companies have to foot the bills themselves!!
See the articles below if you are curious.
  • Adamis Pharmaceuticals is working on an option that feels old school—a syringe pre-filled with epinephrine. By avoiding an automated delivery mechanism the cost could be considerably lower than other products on the market. A New Drug Application was filed with the FDA in 2014 and is currently pending approval. Apparently, someone doesn’t like them, or their lobbyists didn’t grease quite enough palms in regards to Congress!! ((funny how that works))

Adamis Pharmaceuticals Pre-filled Syringe
  • Teva Pharmaceutical Industries is developing a generic autoinjector. Originally hoping for release this year, it has likely been delayed until at least 2017 due to questions raised by the FDA. Other words, Mylan has greased enough palms to get this delayed via their pets, as THAT is how things are done here in the USA!! I cannot even find a photo of it online.:/
  • AdrenaCard is thinking out-of-the-box and changing the traditional “pen” shape to something more rectangular for its product of the same name. Just a little longer and thicker than an average credit card, the idea is it can be carried in a wallet and therefore be more readily available (and less often forgotten at home). The company is hoping to have it out early next year.

    It does appear a simpler size than a GIANT Epipen! So, that’s cool.
  • Windgap Medical, Inc. is developing an epinephrine auto-injector called Abiliject that’s considerably smaller than what is offered now. A lil larger than the size of chapstick, easier to hold, & the epinephrine is stored as a dry powder that gets reconstituted into full epinephrine when activated by the injection mechanism. It will also have an extended shelf life compared to Mylan’s EpiPen, so families won’t need to renew them near as often. *Thank God*
    This obviously would be a more cost-effective option. The company hopes to release it sometime in 2018 if Congress and the FDA will both allow. Taxation without representation is tyranny. ((huff))

    This was their OLD product that was RECALLED. Couldn’t find a photo of their concept.
    Interesting concept about not being mixed until use. Will save a LOT of families $$$$$$$!!


Good Articles to check out on or around this complete and utter FIASCO!!

Seizure First Aid & Endeavor to Educate

November is National Epilepsy Awareness Month!

My Struggle

(my digital art)
My Struggle (my digital art)

Please!! Don’t judge. Ask. Learn. Be Enlightened!

As an epileptic, I must stand up and correct some misinformation that is offered by a few of the well-meaning people in today’s far too misinformed society. While I respect & appreciate attempts, SEIZURE DISORDERS are completely GRAY; there is NOTHING black and white about them. Epilepsy is far too often a general term for more than 20 different types of seizure disorders produced by brief, temporary changes in the normal functioning of the brain’s electrical system – this is why the medical community has begun using the term, Seizure Disorder!

As someone with a medical background, I will inform you that each of us is profoundly different in body chemistry, individual diagnosis, DNA, fingerprints, and medical histories. Epileptics & those with seizure disorders are each completely diverse: different causes, medications, different causes behind seizures, different seizure thresholds, different triggers, different physical cranial characteristics, different brain chemistry, etc.

As an individual, I say Boo! To generalize ANY one based on a generalized term of seizure disorder is a FALSE generalization, which can result doing more harm than good. Scaring the crap out of people is NOT the way to educate. You have to learn about the individual, NOT some generalized term about various medical conditions.

As someone afflicted, I recognize that we are ALL just people fighting our own battles through life. Fragile, frightened, and cautious of that, which we do not fully understand… Yet to ask the proper questions is the correct way to go about this, if we are truly intelligent. I hope this note answers some questions, enlightens some minds, and demolishes prejudice all too often seen when it comes to seizures & epilepsy.

Never seen a real seizure? Use youtube, search words; Tonic Clonic Seizure. I suggest this so that you are NOT caught of guard and terrified when you first see one. They can be amazingly scary for the unprepared first timer to bear witness, especially when it is someone you care about doing a floppy fish dance with their eyes rolled back in their head not breathing properly.

A General Intelligence!

Many seizure types-such as generalized absence seizures or complex partial seizures, which involve relatively brief episodes of unresponsiveness- don’t require any specific first-aid measures.

  1. Stay calm
  2. Prevent injury
  3. During the seizure, you can exercise your common sense by ensuring there is nothing within reach that could harm the person if they struck it.
  4. Pay attention to the severity and length of the seizure
  5. Make the person as comfortable as possible by removing eye glasses and cradling their head
  6. Keep onlookers away
  7. Do not hold the person down If the person having a seizure thrashes around there is no need for you to restrain them. Remember to consider your safety as well
  8. Do not put anything in the person’s mouth Contrary to popular belief, a person having a seizure is incapable of swallowing their tongue so you can breathe easy in the knowledge that you will NEVER stick your fingers into the mouth of someone during a seizure. DO NOT DO IT!
  9. Do not give the person water, pills, or food until fully alert – except Ativan which can be given sublingually ie. under the tongue
  10. If the seizure continues for longer than five minutes, and you are unfamiliar with the person and their seizure condition call 911. Be sensitive and supportive, ask others to do the same.
  11. No Lookie-Lous! No one wants to feel as if they are a sideshow! Don’t be afraid to tell people to move on if they stop and try to be spectators. You are in the position of advocate after all.
  12. During the seizure the person should be placed on their left side. Keep in mind there is a risk of vomiting, before the person is alert. Therefore, the person’s head should be turned so that any vomit or liquid will drain out of the mouth without being inhaled – aspiration. Stay with the person until they recover (5 to 20 minutes).

    There is a chance that a series of convulsive seizures called Status-Epilepticus can occur, in which the convulsions continue non-stop or are followed by coma or a subsequent series of seizures. These are life threatening, and the mortality risk is high unless prompt treatment at a properly equipped medical facility is available.

Epilepsy... It's all in your HEAD
(my digital art)Epilepsy… It’s all in your HEAD (my digital art)
Below are a variety of questions of which one should know the answers, if they have either an epileptic or individual with a seizure disorder in their world. Take it seriously, I certainly did when I compiled this information for all who take the time to read it! 

-How long have they had a seizure disorder?

This will aid you in a basic knowledge base, how comfortable they are in their own condition… how comfortable you can be.

-How frequent are their seizures?

This allows you an idea to what severity you will be dealing with. Some with this condition have seizures regularly, some people only have them once in a blue moon.

-What type of seizures disorder or Epilepsy do they have?

Each type of epilepsy or seizure disorder presents with its own unique combination of seizure types.

-What is an “average” seizure for said individual?

These include absence (petit mal), myoclonic, clonic, tonic,tonic-clonic (grand mal) and atonic seizures. Understand the difference by EDUCATING yourself. An uncomplicated convulsive seizure in someone who has epilepsy is not a medical emergency, even though it looks like one. It stops naturally after a few minutes. The average person is able to continue about his business after a rest period, and may need only limited assistance, or no assistance at all.

A seizure threshold is the balance between excitatory and inhibitory forces in the brain which affects how susceptible one is to seizures.Those diagnosed with epilepsy or certain other neurological conditions are vulnerable to sudden new seizures if the threshold is upset, and so must be especially careful and compliant with their therapeutic drug regimen.

-What is their seizure threshold most impacted by?

Factors which can effect the seizure threshold: exposure to neon, laser,flickering, flashing lights (Contrary to popular belief, photosensitive epilepsy is relatively uncommon, accounting for just 3% of all cases), lengthy periods of fasting, malnutrition,starvation, lengthy periods of high stress and/or fear, fatigue and exhaustion (i.e., from lack of sleep and/or rest), hyperventilation,uncontrolled diabetes, other endocrine and/or metabolic irregularities (like electrolyte or hormonal imbalances), cancer, and certain disorders of the nervous, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal systems.

-When was the last time that they had a seizure?

The diagnosis of epilepsy usually requires that the seizures occur spontaneously. Nevertheless, certain epilepsy syndromes require particular precipitants or triggers for seizures to occur.

-Are they active and current with their doctor or Neurologist?

If not, suggest that they become such.

-What is the best way to assist should one occur?

Each person, each seizure, each situation is different. COMMUNICATE! Know what to expect by asking.

-Are they current on their meds and taking them properly?

Frankly it is stupid of them to be off their meds let alone asking some one to take care of them while they are off their meds. (*slaps unmedicated individual upside the head*) Explore why they are OFF their medication. Help them get back on their medication, contact me if you need assistance. I will help if I can, this is seriously an issue! Sudden death can occur! No joke!

-Are their meds working properly or have they been having a bit of breakthrough activity?

Over 30% of people with epilepsy do not have seizure control even with the best available medications. I will always have breakthrough activity. Some of us are throwing spikes regardless of Neuro suppressants; such as myself. The key is to know when and why you throw those spikes. A responsible, intelligent, and ethical individual KNOWS their triggers due to experience, ASK! Then simply avoid those triggers, despite our seizures occurring spontaneously.Practical sense really, once a person has had this disorder long enough.


(my digital art)SMILE (my digital art)

*Ensure that their medication is on hand. It’s use, dose, and effectiveness fully understood.

If they begin to seize you will need to know exactly which medications were taken, should be taken at lucidity, and the doses known for the EMT should things get too bad.

Quite frankly, it’s too late to ask for help from that wealth of information once they have begun seizing.

-Ask how their postictal state normally progresses.

The average postictal state lasts between 5 and 30 minutes, but sometimes longer in the case of larger or more severe seizures and is characterized by drowsiness, confusion, nausea, hypertension,headache or migraine and other disorienting symptoms. Depending upon the person’s type of seizures, talking may be extremely difficult; some people may find sign language easier than verbal speech to communicate. Additionally, emergence from this period is often accompanied by amnesia, aggression, or other memory defects. It is during this period that the brain recovers from the trauma of the seizure.  BE PATIENT!!
I want to sleep after I seize.


Certainly, most people with epilepsy would not consider their seizure disorder as something which enhances their natural abilities. Sometimes the same things that cause epilepsy result in giftedness. If you damage an area of the brain early enough in life, the corresponding area on the other side has a chance to overdevelop. People with epilepsy have excelled in every area. What follows is a list of people who are responsible for changing civilization as we know it, all of whom are strongly suspected or known to have had epilepsy. It’s an impressive group.

Many notable people, past and present, have carried the diagnosis of epilepsy. Hippocrates, Hugo Weaving, van Gogh, Sir Isaac Newton, Neil Young, Napoleon Bonaparte, Charles Dickens, Alexander the Great,Danny Glover, Alfred Nobel, Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Julius Caesar,Edgar Allen Poe, Aristotle, Theodore Roosevelt, Alfred the Great,Hannibal, Dante, Harriet Tubman, Joan of Arc, Soren Kierkegaard,Beethoven, Richard Burton, Michael Wilding, Margaux Hemingway, Lewis Carroll, Gustave Faubert, & Socrates.

“All at once, out of the intensity of the consciousness of individuality,the individuality itself seemed to dissolve and fade away into boundless being; and this not a confused state, but the clearest of the clearest, the surest of the surest, the weirdest of the weirdest,utterly beyond words.” -Tennyson

I have epilepsy, it isn’t easy. In fact, it can be a daily struggle. I have had many people which claimed to love me, turn and walk out…only to claim it was “too hard”. To which, I smile and say”I have had the strength & drive to lead an amazing life,which most people can only dream. Those which were incapable to stand with me through the tough times, do not deserve to be anywhere near me through the great times.”

I totally jacked this graphic!😉

If you would like to learn more about some of the tests they do on those with epilepsy, click here: Medical Misadventures

American Conflict – Heart & Head

I hear some saying how it’s cowardly to not accept the refugees, while others claim it’s strategically stupid to accept them with ISIS looming death to western culture. Here I sit, seeing both sides of the coin in “true to myself” fashion.
Yes, I think it is terrible to leave a woman and child without a place to live. At the same time, if I were ISIL, you bet your hind end I would exploit this to the fullest extent.
**kicks myself for my ability to see both sides of an argument** I literally drive myself crazy!

Children taking care of children.
I am going to endeavor to put some things into perspective. If you use the math that Stephen, Larry, and Josh have all discussed previously, doing such on the SMALL percentage to say 1% of the 10,000 refugees we are accepting into the US. That translates to mean at least 100 of those individuals are crazy. The type of people that holds beliefs that will blow themselves up, cut heads off, and treat women as if they are chattel. How do you feel about that? I will say, I am NOT at all ok with extremists who are practicing these beliefs. They scare me and I don’t want them in the world, let alone anywhere in the US.

In 1980, Congress passed and the President signed the Refugee Act, which added details to earlier immigration acts that outlined a protocol for accepting refugees here in the states. The Act said the Department of Health and Human Services “shall consult regularly (not less often than quarterly) with State and local governments and private nonprofit voluntary agencies concerning the sponsorship process and the intended distribution of refugees among the States and localities before their placement in those States and localities.” In theory, the states could refuse to participate in these efforts to place refugees in their communities, and pose other barriers, such as blocking refugees from getting drivers’ licenses or access to some state services like welfare, snap, etc. But a ton of legal experts have made comments publicly and see these efforts as limited and problematic. These people, refugees, had no desire to leave their homes. They were forced out due to their being nothing left for them to stay. Their homes bombed and burned out to husks, shells of what once was. The trees all burned to the ground. The ground water poisoned and their animals slaughtered. There is nothing left but shadows and dead. They are running because they cannot stay.

This is why they fled.

Bombs were the killer of civilians

So much destruction
As of Sep 23, 2015, the U.S. has spent more than $1 billion to settle 70,000 refugees in utilizing the UN. ((I am no fan of the UN, I’m just stating the facts)) The United States has given $419­ million in humanitarian aid to assist Syrian refugees and the countries that are hosting them as of Sept. 21, 2015. The United States has raised its annual refu­gee resettlement cap from 70,000 this fiscal year to $85,000 next year and $100,000 in 2017 to keep things in perspective. The new aid brings the total U.S. donation since the Syrian conflict began in 2011 to $4.5 billion, more than every other than Turkey. Turkey, which hosts the world’s largest refugee population, has so far spent $7.6 billion caring for 2.2 million Syrians. Which is more than anyone else by a long shot thanks to their open door policy. What really kills me is that Saudi Arabia Has 100,000 Empty Tents with AC for 3 Million People and more money available than Turkey and the US combined could ever imagine. Yet, some how they’ve taken on zero refugees. VERY VERY strange happenings, wouldn’t you say?

It’s beautiful.
I feel as though there are powerful puppeteers pulling strings to make all of this happen. I don’t understand it all and I’m not certain I ever will. I do know that if it weren’t for immigration, none of us would be Americans.
States Rights matter yes. However, even then refugees will be able to travel freely because agencies cannot keep tabs on them once they are inside the US. This has been proven time and again. I also know it would be a whole lot easier to travel across the Mexican border freely than to deal with the UN paperwork and bureaucracy with riding this refugee wave from Syria. So yes, I am fairly certain our ISIL threat is already here in the US awaiting to strike from within. Those here in WV, do you remember the Kanawha State Forest Training Camp we had not too long ago? I know there are many recruiting all over the US. So many factors to consider, so much BS to wade through. Be wise, be safe, and most of all, BE COMPASSIONATE!

I cannot imagine.

The babes of war.

Those faces… eyes have seen too much to be soo young.


Oreos & Chips Ahoy No More!

The average American family pays a staggering $6,000 a year in subsidies to big business. Bail outs and corporate welfare literally BLEEDS from our federal coffers to businesses that then move our industrial jobs to China, India, and God knows where. Leaving Americans unemployed forcing us back onto unemployment and governmental assistance programs which get cut annually by congress, the very people handing out corporate welfare. Which only serves to hurt our economy, helping no one. Very much a catch 22 situation!

Look at the current fiasco we have with Nabisco. How it all began was with Kraft buying out out Nabisco, then the company split into Kraft and Mondelez in 2013. Kraft laid off 1600 American and Canadian employees when the company split. Irene Rosenfeld, the head of Mondolez, a woman pimped for breaking the glass ceiling upon becoming first the head of Kraft Foods and then its spin off. So many women were proud of what she represented, shattering the glass ceiling by making over 20 million a year, paid $21 million in 2014 alone.

Then, the plant in Philly closed, leaving 350 people without a job it became obvious that she didn’t get where she was for being nurturing. Mondelez claimed the production that left Philadelphia would go to strengthen the other east coast plants; however, the production lines that left the factory went to the plant in Monterrey, Mexico instead.

The gig was up and the unions got savvy quick. The factory in Mexico has 2000 workers, which all make just barely over $3.00 an hour & receive no benefits. Then Mondolez announced that rather than invest $130 million in modernizing the plant in Chicago, where Oreos have been proudly produced for the past 100 years, Rosenfeld would instead move the jobs to the new factory in Mexico.

The result: a loss of 600 well-paying and community-sustaining jobs on Chicago’s Southwest Side. We thought Chicago was a rough and tumble city before, just wait to see the aftermath of this plant closing and leaving an entire generation hopeless.

Rosenfeld and company claim the move is necessary to improve their bottom line; that they owe their workers, the city and the nation absolutely nothing. No American company succeeds on its own or without public benefit, the wealth of the company is due to the skill and work of it’s workers. I guess now, the fate of their company is in the hands of the Mexican Government and their people. As much as I love Oreos & Chips Ahoy, I have sworn off of them after doing the research to write this article. I believe you might as well after reading it.

At low wages and no benefits, Mondelez is in effect, opening the biggest cookie sweat shop in the world. The new plant has been built closer to the Texas border in a free trade zone, meaning no inspections and no guarantee in quality. Corporations that build in free trade zones are given massive tax breaks, so as tax-payers, we are paying that corporation to relocate and to get rid of our own American jobs. How screwed up is that? Way to go Congress! Time to CLEAN HOUSE!

I have been to Mexico, I know not to drink the water or you end up with Montezuma’s Revenge or God knows what else. There are absolutely no environmental laws, the corporation can and will dump whatever they want wherever they want without recourse. That water is then put into the cookies & crackers that factory manufactures. Oreos will now be made in Mexico, do you know what’s in the water? Because they don’t.

Upon doing my research I learned Fig Newton nor Graham Cracker are no longer made in the U.S., they are all made in Mexico. No More for me Thanks!

Call 847-943-4000, tell Mondelez you don’t support them & won’t buy their products that are Made in Mexico.

There’s nothing new or even unusual about this story, we have seen & heard it all before. Yet, I have hope that perhaps due to this story’s depth in our lives it is just the thing to wake up the nation from the downward spiral we find ourselves in, an indomitable race to the gutter, with a droplet of the very rich that control everything, a voiding out of the middle class, and an ever growing underclass, relegated to only selling merchandise produced for pennies on the dollar in other countries who are being raped & pillaged by the droplet I mentioned above. We have been downgraded to only consumers & retailers as citizens in America – at least THAT is how Congress has rigged the game they call the carrot on the stick – the American Dream.

Clarksburg City Council Candidate Public Forum at St James Gym

Clarksburg City Council Candidate Public Forum at St James Gym in North View began Tuesday evening at 5:30 and continued on until nearly 10pm.

Chad Sigmon, Martin Shaffer, Justine Scott Marino, Nathanael Herrod, Gary R Bowden, Curtis W. Edwards were all in respectful attendance. Once again, Cathy Goings, and Dan Thompson failed to show as did Margaret Bailey, without so much as a RSVP from any of them. I was informed that Tuna would not be able to attend due to prior obligations.

The vibe of the citizens reverberated around the gym with a zing. It was obvious that we, the people, were there to engage and interact. Passion has been rekindled in Clarksburg. I am proud to be among such people and call them my community.

Videos from last night

Photos from the Forum –

The Forum was opened by our lovely moderator Susan Kelly, explaining how the forum would work.

First to take the floor was Chad Sigmon. He informed us more of his own background and history more built upon a resume style introduction, his personal experience and achievements, and finally reminded us he is #8 on the ballot. While Martin Shaffer expressed how he was experienced in business, well traveled, and seeking out of the local box ideas to solve our problems – invested his own cash to advertise the forum. Justine Marino was grateful for such an attendance, expressed how she was invested in family, our local area, the future. She focused upon communication between she and the community. Nathan Herrod came out expressing his desire for evolution and change alongside his own ideas to grow. He touched on a variety of strong points that later came out in the questions from the public. His finger is on Clarksburg citizens’ pulse. Gary Bowden explained how he had been here for 40 years, married for 39, and how he has been invested here in Clarksburg – member of a plethora of local boards and worked with WBOY for 20 years. Curtis Edwards explained how he was born and raised here in Clarksburg, is a teacher and coach because of his desires to work with kids. Edwards brought praise to public works and said how we would be able to change things working together. The empty seats were, of course, dead silent.

I am disappointed in our elected officials for not attending. Denise Binion would have gladly rescheduled if they had only bothered to get in touch with her.

Low-income housing NEEDED, instead of demolishing housing, can they not be rehabbed

Martin Shaffer was the first to answer expressing rehabbing over destruction. Explained a demo sign is equal to a sign that says “come and rob me”, because the houses are broken into to strip anything of value from them. I agree with rehabbing homes entirely. I myself have worked with deconstruction, rehab, and demolishing through Habitat for Humanity. It CAN be done. Nathan Herrod explained how it all works, or rather FAILS. The very same money that funds the demo program could just as readily fund a rehab program in Clarksburg. He wants to see people be able to remain in their houses vs being made homeless by the city. Money is there free of charge, in FUNDS – explained a woman from the crowd, in detail. Gary Bowden then stood to answer. He brought up AFFORDABLE housing, NOT low-income housing. Going on to explain how the process works, or again DOESN’T. Responsible owners vs irresponsible owners are what the city looks upon to make the decision. I saw an elderly woman’s home taken from her before Christmas. I only wish I was ignorant of how things are done. Curtis Edwards was the next up explaining how he has had rental properties forever. Then wanted to STOP tearing houses into multiple units so we can keep neighborhoods FAMILY oriented. DISLIKE. Justine Marino explained how she agreed with all that had been expressed, but she wanted to find ANOTHER solution to this ever growing problem. All these families working nonstop and STILL cannot afford to live here. I was able to tell the candidates about Nazareth Farm, an alternative to demolition.

Cleaning up the neighborhoods in Clarksburg.

Chad Sigmon was first up, introducing Debbie and explaining how he has dove into commUnity efforts with neighborhood watch, especially in Stealey. He wants the people to be able to contact CPD officers so that the smaller more persistent dealers can be arrested. We are not being aggressive enough fighting the drugs and he wishes to make things better for the children.

Nathan Herrod explained how we have taken community away from Clarksburg. He challenges people to drive through North View and Stealey. Closing the park instead of running the dealers off? PREVENTION – resource officers into schools and BEAT COPS building rapport with our community members.

Curtis Edwards has been involved with Neighborhood Watch since the 80s. Beat Cops are unable to be there due to the lack of POLICE. More patrols, let the cops know if you are leaving the area on vacation. He wanted people to ATTEND the parks – United Church Park relationship. Churches are the go between.

Martin Shaffer stepped up to tell us he remembered when Clarksburg was 38,000 residents and only had 36 officers and now we are budgeted for 46. We need more undercover cops and police we can actually speak with. While we need neighborhood watches, we also need a DISCREET means of tipping off. Cops ARE being told, yet cops do NOTHING. They are being hog tied – cops are EQUALLY frustrated. We need cops driving through these communities to be MORE HANDS ON.

Justine Marino felt it was essential to bridge the interdependence of all of our problems locally. The Domino effect is obvious and rippling across our city for both good and bad things. The police need to feel supported and has their back. The community needs to feel supported by the police. It becomes a SERIOUS communication issue. We need positive communication flowing.

Gary Bowden was also uncertain about beautification or crime. He shifted the blame upon the community members, didn’t feel as though it was ALL to fall onto city hall for beautification issues and responsibility – outside of an elderly woman example where we should become a community. That is how communities become communities again. Yet, I can recall my own great aunt and great uncle being fined for their grass being too high when she was hospitalized and my uncle stayed with her at the hospital.😦 Then he expressed how the police are stuck in their situation. Not enough of them vs the work needed. But there are more patrols running now than we have in “many many years.” I would like to believe he is simply unaware, but I have attended TOO many meetings and I simply know better. I have spoken on the issue myself. Why can’t we get those working in Code Enforcement receiving a paycheck for sitting on their duffs to step up and assist the elderly and handicapped with their grass, given the city reduced the height from 8″ to 6″. 


Martin Shaffer explained how the drug rehab works in reality vs how most people believe it works. This will be a LONG term struggle for addicts, it isn’t 30 days CURED. They need community – druggie friends will drag them RIGHT BACK DOWN. We need a LONG term solution. Resource officer is needed in EVERY school.

Gary Bowden stood and acknowledged the drug problems. We cannot rehab our way out of it. Education angle is the best way to handle this. GUESS we all miss Michael Daughtery right abut now?! EH!? Growl I am still angry that happened.

We have to do the education the rest is failing our children and thusly our collective FUTURE.

Curtis Edwards explained how Jr High is TOO late. Too many kids have already lost hope by then, sadly he is correct. EDUCATION – Churches, neighborhoods, and schools. City council cannot fix this problem, but it will take all of us to SOLVE this. It’s like a puzzle we all have independent pieces of and it will never be solved without each being involved. ((My surmise of his dialog))

Nathan Herrod spoke of prevention and intervention – Shop Mentored kids so they could learn job skills in a DRUG FREE environment. Giving them something OTHER than hanging out and getting wasted. Incarceration is the best option for ALL Dealers. He doesn’t believe Jr High is too late.

Chad Sigmon explained how he had a face to face meeting with Chief Hilliard. No officers want to be in schools as Resource Officers – none of them have the personality for the job. We need to hire the right people for the job. We need recreation centers and activities for our kids. He has lived in other states and recognizes how limited we are here in Clarksburg. It is a SAD SAD thing.😦 He has traveled and it led him to his current life path. Back to Michael Daughtery being LOST thanks to poor losers. Yes, that is how I see it.

Justine Marino said we need an open dialog with our kids from the time they walk into a school, despite the possibility of it being uncomfortable for the parents. We need to prosecute the dealers, yes. But throwing addicts into jail is WRONG. We need to focus on SERIOUS drugs, not marijuana. This will allow our police force to focus upon the BIG problem of heroin, prescription pills, and meth. I AGREE. Use the tax revenue for drug rehabilitation.

I ask you to take the time to read this article I wrote in 2011 if Justine Marino’s proposal about legalizing Marijuana bothered you or set discomfort within your mind. As always, I do my research!


Martin Shaffer explained what unfunded liabilities are, how they work, and the politicians refuse to recognize it’s DEBT!

Gary Bowden stood to explain how it is being addressed. We do NOT have the largest unfunded debt in the state, thank God for tiny miracles. He used the Post Office as an example, saying he didn’t see a lot of city employees retiring all at once. It was extremely unlikely. 
Nathan Herrod explained how he went into the unfunded liability 3 years ago. 14% interest? REALLY LOW. It has brought it up to 16% and will be up to 17% by next year. These people will retire at the same time, 30+ years in and they can retire anytime they want! We have a MOUNTAIN of liabilities – thanks to the demo scam. We ARE going to lose money because of the legal fees. **TOM JACQUES will be the very FIRST millionaire due to this gross incompetence.**

Justine Marino explained how we need to handle our city $$ as we do our own PERSONAL funds. Trim the FAT! There is a SERIOUS lack of fiscal responsibility – We NEED to address this. Spending like “blindfolded monkeys.” Hah We need to view the budget line by line to find what can be done to be more responsible.

Curtis Edwards explained how it is being Looked at. He went back to how we need to deal with those who have experience. He harps on that – GAINFUL EMPLOYMENT. I can tell you now, this will not make him popular with low-income folks., that is painfully obvious to this poor woman writing this article.

How can you justify the city manager a 5,000 pay raise when we have lost 2 high ranking police officers for covering up the Lopez assault and the suspension of those code enforcement officials.

Bowden voted for a raise because of the skillsets and multiple goals he felt that performance was such that they were comfortable making that call.

Shaffer is NOT comfortable giving them a raise given all this illegal activity has been happening. 35,000 pages of docs were reviewed before the case was taken BY the fire commission. He put a FOIA request in and it took over a MONTH. Most of the things he asked for were NOT even included. He refuses to do his job. Of course he did this so that the info will come out after the election.

Marino stated how tough it was to sit up here with what Gary given she is diametrically opposed to what he says. She believes he cares for Clarksburg, however she doesn’t see how the city is falling down around our ears – touching on all of those aforementioned points RATHER elegantly. If they wanted to give him a 1 year extension is one thing. However she feels we the taxpayers were bumped over.

Edwards – he wasn’t on council so he cannot comment for certain. Had any of the top officials come up for a raise he would have voted NO! He wanted to give a raise to the public works, NOT the top dogs.

Herrod doesn’t understand the extension let alone a raise. He was so shocked he left speechless, THAT should tell you all something given he is never at a loss for words. These code enforcement tests are OPEN BOOK and take over 2 hours. We are So top heavy that he is one of the highest paid city manager in the state. So is the Asst Manager. ((Justine inserted a joke)) The fat DOES need cut, given these legal issues ARE the hugest fiscal hit we are taking. It is unacceptable to see that he has done all this and is STILL among us.

The Lopez issue being covered up.

Herrod went to speak to Hilliard and learned it was another matter in regards to another city employee. Clarksburg PD should NEVER have been called in. We know now the city manager Howe was in on making phone calls that night. IMPROPER chain of command is SERIOUS. What was the motivation? It was obviously a poor intent or this wouldn’t have happened. We need to move away from the good ol boy system “It is unfair to everyone!” and this cost two decent men their jobs. IT HAS TO STOP!

Shaffer explained how a metro police dept would be a GREAT thing. Removing how many bosses the police must answer to would be a relief for the CPD. One police officer testified how 17 calls led to NO police reports. WE GOT ISSUES FOLKS! 2009 before the election, the city had him falsely arrested – said he conspired to break a law that was no longer in existence. NOT SURPRISED.

Bowden explained how the police chief did not lose their jobs for the actions of that night and he agrees that they were NOT handled well. It isn’t a law that the CPD must turn it over – it is only a policy. Which means it is open to be abused. snarl face It needs to be handed off! Two police officers lost their job because they were accused of lying and not giving full and accurate info about the events that night. GOOD OL BOY SYSTEM – The public did NOT react well!

Marino explained how she cares for all involved. She will NOT be a “Zeke puppet.” I have ZERO worries about that. She wants a GOOD STRONG City manager in place, as they will be left apt to make a call to the police chief to break the chain of command. PROFESSIONALISM is non-existent. Our manager needs to be able to set strong ethical boundaries. She is correct! No lying down and saying “ok!”

Sigmon read a blib about successful communities vs dying communities. We need to put differences aside. Accept things as they are and will be. Strategy. And set a strong rapport and goals that can be shared mutually. MUCH of these things are in the past and he wants us all to move FORWARD!

Code Enforcement being suspended.

Shaffer explained how those in code enforcement officers didn’t feel they needed to take those open book tests mentioned above. The city demanded Howe be grandfathered in with his necessary credentials. The citizens were IGNORED by city council, then went to the attorney general and finally the governor. WOW. NOT one single cert in ten years? Seriously?

Marino then explained how those very same people are STILL present – retitled and shifted however they don’t work. They do collect a PAY CHECK, but they do NOTHING. She is 100% behind code enforcement, but we NEED real credibility. Our charter calls for a professional engineer running our code enforcement office. TRIM THAT FAT! I agree – STRONG POINT!

Herrod has even seen the city fuss with the budget to help hide the mess in code enforcement. 39 houses are still on the demo list – despite the attorney general offering them to review them with a CERTIFIED code enforcement officer. 2 cannot even work within code enforcement because of their games. Clarksburg is responsible for every house on the demo list because of THOSE individuals.

Edwards explained how the city manager and the city council NEED to communicate more effectively. He guarantees that all the decisions he makes will we agree with, but there will be a LOGICAL reason for each and all.

How does transparency impact all of this?

Herrod explained the lack of transparency has caused this disaster. This FOIA request Nathan put in was PUSHED and PUSHED and PUSHED! We need to learn how to report FOIA request violations obviously!! The city doesn’t want you to know the city was tearing down houses for profit.

Shaffer said transparency will NOT hurt the city so much as evidence will be revealed due to a LACK of transparency. He then explained how one of the federal judges refused to dismiss the impending charges but she mentioned the possibility of bringing RICO against the city – RACKETEERING! This is totally out of control!! Why haven’t we settled with the Attorney General vs pushing it? Exposing us to a GREAT DEBT and EMBARRASSMENT as if we need any more. We already lost the company Stockmyer was going to expand here, not now.😦 Thanks to the prison facility moving in. 

Bill Ramsey then asked, “Why kind of birds don’t fly?”

Are you aware that Chief Hillard turned down a K9, $12,000 dog to be donated to the CPD? *Article incoming*

Herrod has explained how the chief has turned down MULTIPLE offers to drug officers. He explained how it was not all Hilliard’s fault, it comes down to the City Manager yet AGAIN. Notice the theme here? When your boss is telling you NO NO NO, it’s not possible to say yes. 
I don’t agree personally, I perceive Hilliard as Howe’s yes man.

Marino explained she was unaware of the entire above ordeal. She feels she has a strength with insight given her husband’s position in the city. He could retire tomorrow if he so wished. She sees a LOT given that unique position. She feels the officer making the request makes ALL the difference, given there is a uneven bias within our dept. Fairness is NEEDED.

Edwards explain the lack of morale in our police force. He knows a LOT of officers and this isn’t their fault. It all comes down to problem with the TOP! Changes are REQUIRED. He is unaware of how much rapport a K9 can bring to an officer.

Sigmon stated there was always two sides to every story but it was obvious he was MIFFED. He found it unacceptable. He then brought up the LPR – Licence Plate Recognition – $30,000. It helps with stolen vehicles, perps, etc. That piece of equipment was unable to be used due to a computer frying itself. He learned we have another coming in any day! I don’t blame him for wanting to research the facts. But, when I bring up something of this nature, I have already done my homework.

Shaffer is bringing up the charge cards at city hall – p cards. Maybe an audit is required? is always a VIABLE option. $5,000 pay raise could have been used!! 10,000 license plates an hour for Amber Alerts. We use it for tracking down criminals.

Nancy Scardina explained how Buchannon city is having problems with their own LPR, it wasn’t living up to expectations, and they are doing away with it. She wanted Chad to be aware, he wasn’t up to date to being at the Forum.

Delegations –

Bowden isn’t aware of the problem. Due to tech issues the mic has screamed and they push the mic back. We aren’t able to HEAR the council members. He will gladly take it to council.

Herrod has made them aware of the transparency issues, he found funds to pay for it. YET, the city manager said NO! The transparency issue starts at the top. I admit, it is dramatically difficult to hear even on my recordings. ALL PUBLIC MEETINGS NEED BROADCASTED!

Sigmon explained how the open meeting act works. Public comment periods is ALL that is required. We need to push towards MORE transparency. He came across as an apologist.:/

 Part of the Open Meetings Act Sigmon read – Are governing bodies required to allow members of the public to speak at a meeting?
No.  The purpose of the Open Meetings Act is to allow citizens to observe the governing body for purposes of promoting transparency.  However, governing bodies are encouraged to have a public comment period.  A governing body may adopt rules which impose restrictions upon public comment periods such as the amount of time which will be allocated to each speaker.

Marino doesn’t care if the rules of ethics require them to speak or not they should WANT to hear from their constituents. When it comes to having to have people like Michael Brown and I – “Vigilante Journalists” show up to INCLUDE the public. She is right! We aren’t Press-titutes! We will bring you DEAD HONESTY & BRUTAL FACTS. Clarksburg’s transparency is HORRIBLE. She wants to focus upon that when she is elected.

Shaffer has to abide by rules. When a citizen speaks they aren’t supposed to answer them due to that same Public Meeting Act. It becomes a slow jerk around that we NEVER hear back from those who claim they will reach back out to us. FACT. I have never been emailed nor called by ANYONE at city hall about those things I have taken before city council. BOCA is STILL illegal. We NEED to televise our council meetings. NECESSARY! Answering FOIA requests on a timely basis is part of that.

Edwards explained how we can have all the transparency we want with tech but what good will it do without accountability?

He is Correct.

John Pohera stood once he was acknowledged, wanting to direct his question to Mayor Goings. “What is more important than meeting with the citizens/ taxpayers?” You are our mayor, “why are you not meeting and answering the voters questions”? He was quite the character and I enjoyed his personality and spunk a great deal.


Debbie Rhineheart stood and spoke, explaining a lot. 8K of her own $$ has gone into neighborhood watch. There is a video.

WHY did you run? What was the moment that made it SNAP!?

Herrod literally was at a drive in theater watching the Lorax. He was laying in the back of his car and shortly before that Code Enforcement showed up to a job site and tried to arrest him. He had that in his mind when he made the decision.

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot,

Nothing is going to get better. It’s not.”

-Dr Seuss, The Lorax

Sigmon grew up in stealey, he moved away and when he returned he learned a METH HOUSE was busted in his own home neighborhood. He never expected that! His girlfriend is also a runner and she runs up town and his girlfriend made him aware of the prostitute problem. She said a prostitute yelled at her to “GET OFF HER TURF!!” Unreal to me!! He never thought there would be meth houses, hookers and heroin on the streets of Clarksburg. He is here to make a POSITIVE CHANGE.

Shaffer came to this decision because he was at the Glen Elk festival when Fazio walked up and asked why 6 police cruisers came into his neighborhood. He had to explain it was a drunken councilman assaulting a woman in a bar, in which the police covered it up.😦 I am never amazed, only irked when enlightened at things such as these. The truth will set you free, but first it will tick you off!

Marino spoke about this for so long and her sister took her to register on the VERY last day. Because she is NOT a politician and she isn’t good at masking her thoughts, feelings, etc. She had been sick over the decision, her sister pushed her and said if you win you win, if you lose you lose. Are you afraid to lose? She said no she was afraid to lose initially because it is SUCH a hefty responsibility. Silent suffering people DESERVE better and she will give those people THAT voice. There are people who cannot speak up for fear of retaliation if they own houses or are city employees. She is running for those people who put their faith in her.

Bowden’s 2nd go round is his OWN FAULT. (huh?) The first go round he was called and they wanted to see different leadership for the city. He said he wasn’t a politician and he finally accepted the idea that being real and full of concern for Clarksburg was more important. Now I get the comment, watch the video.

Edwards discussed it with his wife FIRST. Secondly he spoke with his friends who said they recognized all of his skills and ideas would be vital to the town of Clarksburg. He wants to give confidence to those in the community through working hand in hand together with teamwork. He would only be one voice on council but he promises he will listen and represent the people as they deserve.

Citizen Larry then stood and asked his question. Back in the 80’s when Anchor Hocking was closed and he remembers when one of the members said that’s alright people will just shop in Bridgeport. He patronizes all the small businesses in Clarksburg. He asks how many of you do that?

Edwards stated he ALWAYS keeps local businesses in mind. He wishes to KEEP them by patronizing them regularly. He isn’t going to go to Walmart, he would rather go to Rokiskys and other local businesses.

Herrod recalled when he ran M&F he ONLY shopped locally where ever possible. It has to be a priority. It needs to come down to a feeling of personal responsibility within our elected officials also. LOCAL MONEY STAYS LOCAL.

Marino – “Being that our family are small business owners and you learn quickly you do business with those who do business with you.” She has become a DIE HARD local shopper. Once upon a time when her children were young she shopped at Walmart, NOT ANYMORE. She even keeps her doctors, dentists, and vets LOCALLY. If you don’t support local business they cannot survivein this economy. Those are facts!

Shaffer was the chairman Whitehouse conference of small businesses. Therefore he supports small owned businesses he hates seeing it. They are the BACKBONE of Clarksburg. He went to purchase a toilet and purchased Mansfield vs American Standard. Because Mansfield are MADE IN THE USA, right in Ohio. We must support one another or else we will be our own undoing. There is no where else in the state that has as many local restaurants as we do. Martin loves restaurants. His comment, not mine!

Bowden cringes when people purchase vehicles OUTSIDE of Clarksburg. He is one of the few people who still uses our phone book due to the local businesses being awarded there

Marino admitted her lawyer was from Bridgeport. ((Moved because of $$))

Signmon purchased all of his signage from Clarksburg Blue Print because he wanted to SUPPORT them together. He kept his $$ local.

Cheryl Fain Mehaulic stepped up and said what about the benefits of being a CITY COUNCIL MEMBER? As far as the benefits – Part of why Lopez fought so very hard to stay on council. This ensured he kept his Insurance, medical, optic and dental and his retirement. The retirement only comes into play when you get another Gov job – Centra Board could have been his golden ticket. He gets to take his HIGHEST pay at 70K which would have given him 25 years 50% of that $$. It counts a FULL year – 10 months of real human time. Most who take advantage of the system become lifetime council members. The refuse to fund the firemen or the police. Learned that portion AFTER the forum.

Sigmon explained how the girl scouts NEED a new fence but have no means of getting the funds.

Is anyone talking about bringing REAL jobs into the city, with REAL wages. – Mr Washington

Shaffer explained how Dominion was willing to donate the building to Clarksburg and he suggested getting the aforementioned business BACK into Clarksburg by allowing them to come into the building. Nathan’s former job exported to Germany and that would be another incentive.

Then the P-cards were being used to go to bars. It is being abused incessantly – alcohol being purchased.

Marino is FULLY in favor of trimming the fat. THAT is part of the fat. If she can get 4 votes to eliminate, she is all about doing away with it. ((Insurance, p-card, etc.)) She is in favor of removing it.

She feels that is one of the things that is SERIOUSLY missing here. She looks forward to the challenge of economic development and not just servers, minimum wages, and opening your own businesses.

Mr Washington explained how some of the basic workers have FAT CAT pay and he is disgusted.

Marino explained how she had 3 boys, herself and her husband in a 3 bedroom house and she felt the pains of being an underpaid employee. She feels it would be NICE to get a pay increase of 5-10K like others, but who wouldn’t? She referred back to the TOP HEAVY issues in candidacy. 80% of our budget is spent in wages.

Mr Washington respects what she is saying however council is always worried about MAIN ST only. Get out of downtown and look into OTHER options.

The Forum then ended, sadly. Thank you Susan, you rocked it AGAIN! I know our lil city could have it’s own soap opera. It was a very interesting and educating event which provided a great deal of insight. I suggest watching the videos that I am uploading! It will bridge any gaps that I may have missed in this LONG article of mine. As I upload the videos, I will link them for your viewing capabilities.

VOTE in this upcoming election! Let’s see amazing things happen here in Clarksburg!!

North Central WV Democracy for America’s Clarksburg City Council Candidate Forum

Last night’s forum was downright awe-inspiring at moments, to the point I can be over heard in many moments during the videos, as can my service dog ironically. I am known for speaking my mind, I am not sorry. My opinion is shared openly without remorse, it is mine alone. I ask that you do not allow it to color your judgment, I don’t want you to think like me, I only want you to think.

(There will be additions to this article to link videos and at least 2, if not 3 more quotes from candidates. Please check back!)

“North Central WV Democracy for America believes that citizen involvement and an informed body of voters are necessary to maintain a functional, responsible government, and so we frequently sponsor forums for a variety of elected offices. I was extremely pleased with the turn-out at last night’s forum. Too often citizens become apathetic in the face of dysfunctional government and give up, but the Clarksburg residents who showed up at the event were clearly interested in electing candidates who want to solve problems, implement accountability and improve the city.” -Denise Binion

Susan Kelly was the Moderator of last night’s forum. She was amazingly brilliant in regards to her humor jettisoned along with her personable nature and gross disbelief in the ongoing saga that is Clarksburg politics. She certainly brought an element to last night’s events that could have otherwise turned combative. Thank you, Susan. You were truly a very much needed breath of fresh air to an otherwise consistently tense situation. I very much enjoyed your demeanor and conflict resolution abilities on the fly. All the citizens of Clarksburg thank you as they read this article and watch the footage from last night.

As many of you have already heard, nine candidates were in attendance last night. From left to right, they were seated Tuna – Mateen Abdul-Aziz, Margaret Ann Heflin Bailey, Gary Bowden, Curtis Edwards, Catherine Goings was absent, Nathanael Herrod on one table at the left. Then on the right seated at a second table was Shaun M. Jedju, Justine Scott Marino, Martin Shaffer, Chad Sigmon, and Dan Thompson was also absent.

I made inquiries to Mayor Cathy Goings as to why she did not attend Clarksburg City Council Candidate Forum. She provided the following statement:

“I did not receive any written notification regarding the forum. I found out through other candidates that personal invitations had been sent out. In the meantime I was asked to attend a meeting which I committed myself to do. First, I am still the Mayor of Clarksburg and have obligations to fulfill until my term expires June 30th. I am a candidate second.” -Catherine Goings

My compatriot, Eric, had seen Dan Thompson earlier in the day, towing a vehicle which proves a solid work ethic. That began my wheels turning, so I reached out to him and I was able to get Dan Thompson while he was at work. This was what he had to say regarding his absence:

“I was on the road and couldn’t make it, a wreck on the Interstate and a flat tire in Fremont. I wanted to but work caught me.” -Dan Thompson

Denise Binion handed everyone in attendance an index card or two on which to write any and all questions they had for the incumbents and challengers. The cards flew in, it felt akin to a scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. At the same time, the candidates were making their rounds, passing out their cards, flyers, trifold brochures, and various literature as they shook hands. Kind words were exchanged by some while others were heard echoing how this was by and large the dirtiest campaign they had ever seen in Clarksburg. It was obvious the pressure was on and we were in for an eventful show. Eric Madia, Segen, and I had a front row center seats for the forum.

Let the games begin.

The questions poured into Susan Kelley about the local economic development – despite oil & gas being here our population continues to decline, why is that? How are we going to develop businesses in this city that will actually help the citizens of this city? Big Box Stores that are murdering small businesses while making life difficult for the employees.

Margaret Bailey was the first to answer responding about leaping in while there is a decline in the oil & gas boom is essential. There have been two industries that have opened in the past two months. There will also be new housing near Rose Bud, and she is very proud because they are leading us forward.

Martin Shaffer then explained what businesses look for when locating to an area. First educational institutions to generate their manpower. Second, is code enforcement and how things get done or rather doesn’t in our current case. He then updated us how the Palace Center just had 40 units go in downtown. Then dropped a bomb as to how a huge 500 million dollar company left Clarksburg for Virginia.

(Imagine the jobs we could have had if we had only kept that company here?!)

Nathan Herrod was the next up, explaining how Steptoe and Johnson home to 385 lawyers, as well as Toothman and Rice, West Virginia’s largest accounting firm left Clarksburg over two parking spaces.

(I admit, I was rather stunned as Nathan said “MINIMAL” negotiations were needed to stop that from occurring. What have we allowed to happen by sitting back and trusting? Please, GO VOTE!)

Edward Curtis stood next to speak about issues rolling together of issues, about churches being more involved within our parks so that we can have people talking to each other again. (You know, like a REAL community, novel idea isn’t it. *laughing* Practical sense folks, I admit, I like it.) He is currently communicating with a business who wants to leave Clarksburg because he wants better for our area, although he did not tell us which business.

Chad Sigmon stood to speak next, speaking of how the roads were like a terrible rollercoaster. Then he brought up 2/3rds of the sidewalk funds were cut and he was uncertain why. 50,000 to 20,000 and they are NOT handicapped accessible at this point. Margaret interjected how the funds went to pave the streets.

(This was when my brain kicked in – Over 80% of our city’s budget goes straight to salary. I find that disgusting given the size of our city. Especially after the break down that Nathan Herrod did earlier in the evening. WATCH the videos once they upload!!)

Tuna spoke up about how a select few owned the buildings downtown and how fostering a good working relationship with those elders were essential to bring downtown back to life. As well as ensuring proper planning would allow a better downtown.

Gary Bowden then stood to explain how Eastpointe & Newpointe was in Clarksburg. How downtown would never be Eastpointe/Newpointe, nor would it be what it was fifty years ago. But it can be resurrected so long as we have entrepreneurs, we need an effective code enforcement. We need contractors, like the contractors in the old Gore building, etc.

(That was when he deviated as far as our intermeshing realities. He said my generation and younger were not interested in owning a home with a yard to mow and a fence to paint. That is totally NOT the case. The problem is the economy is in the crapper, we are in the midst of a currency war, and we have been burdened with a student debt that is equivalent to a mortgage payment that we will not be out from under until we are your age Mr. Bowden. We will not fall victim to the Federal Reserve and banksters as our parents have – we REFUSE. That leaves us in a pickle, hence we are living the lifestyle you noted last night. It isn’t about wants, it is about responsibilities and learning from experiences because MANY of us have had them right alongside our parents. It is sad that our American Dream is squelched by that reality, but we have chosen practicality.)

Shaun Jedju stood to be heard about economic growth and his approach is right on par with my own. Getting the local people re-engaged within their city. We have a RICH history here in Clarksburg, tourism is often overlooked.
(Shaun is truly a grassroots leader, if ever I met one. Meeting everyone at the cemetery was great Saturday. I suggest everyone go and experience for themselves.)

Justine Scott Marino then stood up and asked why the current government hadn’t hired the right people for the right job? The city manager hired an assistant city manager, why? We have never had one until NOW. (Good question) Economic Development Specialist – that would be wise.
(Asking the questions we all have only out loud. Gee, who’d a thunk it?)

Away we go!

There were times that questions were directly solely at incumbents, that was when you felt the heat CRANKED up to a sweltering level between the incumbents and challengers – intermix the citizens and the Toughman had NOTHING on last night’s forum.

Incredulous behaviors were defended that had absolutely no proper defense, ethically, morally, nor legally. Despite my perception on how well Gary Bowden handled himself throughout the rest of last night, this was especially telling that he was on council for his ability with public relations and damage control. It was much of the very same content we all read from the THEET article that stated “Clarksburg City Council “violated the spirit if not the letter of the law,” according to Pat McGinley, a professor of law at WVU.” Only this time he explained how they had been sued individually, yet they have a complete blanket of personal protection by the city charter. The stance was quite an unwise one made by Councilman Bowden. The citizens may have been born at night, but not last night. Margaret Bailey stayed quiet.

Found at:


Round 3, for your educational enlightenment!

Here is a link to the gallery of photos taken last night. Enjoy!


There are two more videos that are currently UPLOADING and I will put one of them below ASAP.

This was last night’s forum brought to a close, a much lower quality video.

The citizens of Clarksburg were obviously angry with the Clarksburg City Council. I can only hope that they were able to get through to the few incumbents in the way I have been unable, despite my best efforts. I admit, it was refreshing to see our elected representation on a 3-minute timer instead of being beneath the egg timer of DOOM ourselves! Their frustration was visually and vocally apparent, perhaps this exercise is something should be done at least twice annually in a town hall meeting to open the eyes, hearts, and minds of our would be “REPRESENTATIVES”.

“I learned a great deal last night listening to the variety of opinions and statements from candidates and audience members, and could deeply feel the frustration that many expressed.” –Margaret Ann Heflin Bailey

“Last night’s City Council Candidates’ Forum was a spirited give-and-take regarding issues and ideas that impact Clarksburg. Though several candidates spoke passionately about perceived problems with the direction of our city, I would have liked to have seen the forum explore a broader conversation of what the future holds. However, an actively engaged citizenry with a genuine interest in an improved quality of life will always trump a population that chooses to remain aloof and disinterested. Good governance arises from and can be empowered by dissent. Dissent was in abundance last night, and we can only hope that what results on Election Day is a better Clarksburg for everyone.” -Gary Bowden

“I was pleasantly surprised at the healthy turnout at the Forum. I believe it shows that many are thirsty for candidates that will engage with them, not shut them out. There were a lot of important topics covered. Sadly, the person who prides herself as the face of Clarksburg, our Mayor, didn’t see fit to bother with answering her constituency’s questions. This goes to show the disconnect, and why so many feel so removed.” -Justine Scott Marino

“The audience Ranged from a former county democrat of the year and sitting council people to founding members of the CCCN web page, city employees, and labor representatives. Questions presented showed citizens are unhappy with the general direction of Clarksburg. The citizens demand an openly transparent and equally responsive government. Real honest change is without a doubt, what people want from our Government.” -Nathan Herrod

*Nathan Herrod noted that there was a $100 donated to his campaign by the former head of Steptoe and Johnson. He wanted to make sure he cleared up his statement from last night, keeping up with his desire for full transparency himself. 

“I think that turn out was great. It was ran great, and all who participated acted civilly. The citizens brought good questions and the candidates seemed to provide answers in accordance. I think as time goes on and the candidates platforms are out there, the voters will get a fill for who can best benefit our city and it’s needs.”
-Tuna, Mateen Abdul-Aziz

“From what I took from last night’s meeting is that the citizens that attended want a complete change in council. I will be that Positive Change if elected. I was very glad to see such a large turnout expressing their voice on what needs to be done in Clarksburg. Please go out and vote on June 2nd. Help make Clarksburg Great. Vote for Candidate #8.” -Chad Sigmon