Priorities a Plenty!

Adhering to my ethical standards I progressed to share these facts, I MUST share all this with my fellow community members who may not have this information readily available to them. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t? We are in this world, not to be a dying echo chamber, not always agreeing, but learning to communicate and all the better for it. I will have your back and I know you have mine, no matter the disagreements we have & will continue to endure! We are in this together!

Look at that! You can STILL purchase both!!

I have checked this out bizarre toy that hasn’t been on anyone’s mind outside of the Toy Story movies in over a decade and this is what I have found: Hasbro is STILL making Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head, which means your kid can still have a tater-head nuclear family!!

Can we all move on from this ridiculous toy debacle now?

Perhaps on to something FAR more important, like the fact that there is a WAR that the Biden has a LARGE hand in starting in the middle east? Yeah, that is becoming a TOTAL STORM of Bovine Excrement to the tune of 22 Reported Killed!

Biden is not a president of peace & love, regardless of the load of crap that the media is feeding you by the handfuls! Killing folks is fine, just don’t tweet mean things, right? *Stone-Faced* That is exactly what our media would have you to believe.

By Biden’s own definition, he is a dictator. CNN & Snopes said that Biden didn’t make that statement!! Surreal!! You see it right there!! Yet, there are those who still wonder why I HATE those outlets and still have faith in their utter hogwash!! You at least know why, if you choose to understand is another story entirely!

I personally don’t feel as if our nation is being brought together despite what FB & Twitter would have you to believe. *blank stare* I feel pulled from all sides & I hate it. I have friends of all colors, social beliefs, creeds, & sexualities. I love them for who they are, what they do, & how they conduct themselves! If you choose to not see past the aforementioned then it’s you who are missing out! If you ever try to be mean, cruel, or to bully them for ANY reason, it will be me you face… no one wants me as an enemy. But, I make a WONDERFUL friend and ally!

Fallacies and logic cannot live in the same house, beneath the same roof! We are not in a place where green energy will span the gap of where we are with fossil fuel quite yet. But, I do look forward to the day we arrive fashionably. Lying about this gap does not make it fade from existence. We need to meet the gap with eyes open & eager to meet the challenge to devour it with fresh eyes and new concepts! Only we can do this, the animals on this planet certain lack the capacity!!

The amount of absolute lies that scroll across our page on FB as “Fact Checks” is sickening. The fact of the matter is that due to US policy we are no longer energy independent. Thus, crude oil demand DOES impact all of us in regard to gasoline prices at the pump. The very idea that they are trying to pretend as if US Policy doesn’t make an impact when we hit the pump is a FULL ON BOLD FACED LIE!!

That absolutely infuriates me & it should you!! This is MISLEADING!!

It’s called “Oil Futures” on Wall St. When those go into a tailspin gas prices go up instantly!! This means it benefits the oil-rich, like the Saudis when we have to buy outside of the US because we are no longer energy independent due to those US policies ie, Biden’s plan to cut U.S. oil production. Well, he has cut production and we are ALL paying for it! If you want to look up some quotes, I suggest a search engine, I use DuckDuckGo, & Frank Macchiarola, a senior vice president of policy for the American Petroleum Institute, which will yield some doozies.

“Next week, according to people familiar with the plans, Biden will go even further: suspending the sale of oil and gas leases on federal land, where the U.S. gets 10% of its supplies. The actions sent oil producers’ stocks tumbling and raised blood pressure across the industry.” -Bloomberg

It screws the American consumers as we are all beginning to feel the pinch, even more so here in WV with the taxes on gasoline being obscenely high.

This is the image that set the independent fact check ablaze, thus they LIED!

Then there is the natural gas on people’s land! If they overproduce even a little, the people are being fined!! That is ridiculous!! But, that is another matter that came to me and I had to mention it!!

Very few people even realize that this was the reality behind Keystone Pipeline; ZERO emissions.

Am I happy with the current route through indigenous peoples lands? Hell No! But, I believe it could have been changed as I am an eternal optimist. In fact, if you look at the history of the pipeline, it has already been rerouted once. So, that leads me to believe it could be done again!

There is no matter that cannot be overcome by a small group of people full of passion to communicate, understand, & overcome! ❤

Let us be those people! Teach your children to become those who will be a generation of those people!! Let’s change the world for the better!

Ugly Truth or Willful Ignorance?

There is a GREAT deal of corruption happening in our nation. To believe otherwise is to feign ignorance AKA to be willfully ignorant. Trump and his merry band of millionaires are NOT without a multitude of faults. However, I have made my stance on the Obama administration MORE than clear historically. NOW, we all thought it would be wise to revisit that epic storm of bovine excrement a second time? *Blank Stare* Biden said he was simply using the same people. We are supposed to LEARN from our mistakes, NOT continue to repeat them!

I foresee Biden dying in office, then Kamala Harris seizing the presidency finally the US will see our first female president. What a shame Kamala Harris, Queen of Mass Incarceration, will be in our history as the first Lady President. My soul slips at the thought. Harris clawed tooth & nail to keep innocent prisoners locked up, and even opposed a DNA test that could & would have proven a prisoner’s innocence. When innocent people did manage to secure their exoneration, Harris’ office tried to deny them compensation for their years of life lost to wrongful conviction.

Yep, it’s a brutal depiction, keep reading & you will understand why I hold said opinion!

Despite a federal appellate judge accusing her of presiding over an “epidemic” of prosecutorial misconduct, Harris continued to defend even shameful violations of the law by police and prosecutors — up to and including a prosecutor falsifying the transcript of a defendant’s “confession.” Even after federal judges threw out the faulty science used to give a man three life sentences for arson, Harris pressured him and required him to plead guilty to a lesser felony rather than dismiss the false charges altogether. This litany doesn’t even address her most famous “get tough” political ploy — arguing that jail time for parents was an appropriate response to repeat school truancy and championing legislation in Sacramento that allowed just that.
Is this really the woman we want as the first Lady President of the United States?
I truly do NOT!

I fear Democrats were so desperate to get rid of Trump they voted for Biden-Harris Ticket unaware of how treacherous this woman truly was & remains.

This is an article that you can listen to or read, I beg you to take the time.

Knowing all that I do about the woman then seeing her dive onto this Democratic forum the way in which she has sincerely sickens me. She truly lacks authenticity, too few citizens realize it. A total of 1,974 people were sent to state prisons for marijuana-related offenses during Harris’s 2011-2016 tenure as the Golden State’s lead prosecutor. Harris is now on board with Biden’s criminal justice plan that seeks to “end all incarceration for drug use alone.” A unity task force meant to unify Biden’s camp and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’s wing of the Democratic Party recommended decriminalizing marijuana at the federal level and legalizing it for medicinal use. Have whiplash yet?

She put over 1,500 people in jail for marijuana violations and then laughed about it when she was asked if she ever smoked marijuana,” Gabbard told the audience, according to Rolling Stone.This is the work I’ve done. Am I going to take hits? Of course, incoming, there are going to be hits on a debate stage when people are trying to, you know, make a name for themselves,” Harris responded, according to Rolling Stone. Click above to see the interview for yourself!

Staggering Numbers:

In data obtained from the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, said at least 44,172 black offenders and 83,370 Hispanic offenders were sent to California prisons between n 2011 and 2016. By comparison, 48,761 whites and 11,182 “other” were incarcerated during that time. Those numbers translate into 23.6 percent of new inmates being black and 44.5 percent being Hispanic. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated 39.1 percent of Californians were Hispanic/Latino and 6.5 percent were black or African Americans.

Below is to highlight a story to show just a touch more as to how far this individual of whom will soon be our VP of the United States will go to grab media attention.

Harris is about as genuine as a Louis Vuitton bag sold in Times Square.

While we are the combination we have ever read, see, & experienced, something tells me this is tripe.

So, now you know many of the facts behind why I have forged the opinion I have! I hope it enlightened you… willful ignorance isn’t pretty on anyone. Feel free to share this to illuminate others to the character of this woman!!

I am certain many of my readers have noticed how my efforts have shifted from investigative journalism to other pursuits which actually bring about positive changes in lives throughout our CommUnity & state.

I was coping with serious compassion fatigue because no matter how much effort I put in, how I wrote, how many facts I put into my articles, it never seemed to matter to the citizens of Harrison County. They would appear disgusted over the atrocities I brought to light. Yet, they would end up voting in the very same good ol boys who committed those wretched acts once election time rolled around. To say it was disheartening is an understatement!

I have heard all the Bovine Excrement of excuses;
“Better the devil you know.”
“I didn’t want to waste my vote.”
“What’s in the past is in the past.” (It had been 2-3 months or those people were still doing that crap!)
“An unknown option could be even worse.”
“Well, they were the only (R) (D) in the election I recognized.”

Everyone or someone in their family has come to me at some point or another claiming how desperately Harrison County NEEDS change. But, when the rubber meets the road no one has the chutzpah to actually make positive change happen… or rigged elections? You tell me, HarCo.

Voter Confusion? Anything is possible…
I actually had people/someone tell me they believed that Magistrate Mark Gorby wasn’t actually on the ballot, they somehow “magically” believed it was his son. Yeah, ok. I believe that was about as legitimate as it was to bring a judge out of retirement to try him as a pedophile. *blank stare* Ooooh, too soon? Yeah, I don’t think so either.
Keep in mind, he was friends with my family, my Grandfather adored him before he passed. None of what I learned was easy for me to write, regardless of what anyone believes.


Short Memories?
Maybe folks are incapable of recalling Ugly Honesty? Unpleasant truths are by very definition unpleasant, right? Thusly, those in our community don’t want to believe whatever about whomever they have voted into office previously. Sorry, I won’t lie.
Sad, I know as we all want to believe the best in people.


Lack Of Care/Concern?
I wish I could believe this… I simply don’t. Maybe ignorance? Maybe my readership wasn’t large enough? Who knows? I simply refuse to believe the people in this area don’t care. In the age of information, we have folks who are dying & killing out of ignorance.

I don’t have anything personal against anyone I have ever written about. Do I hate their actions? Yes! I hate what they have done & continue! Have I spilled everything I know about everyone? No. Some of the things I know would wreck jobs, marriages, & lives. That is NOT why I began nor I do this! I simply want to make our county a better & safer place. I am the product of my upbringing and I refuse to sit on my hands, intelligence, & educated opinion! If I can stand up, speak up, & make things better through those actions, you can bet your heiny I will! I also welcome others to step up! I welcome guest writers so long as your facts check out!
*If you are trying to run a smear campaign, you won’t get far! Ask others who have tried!

Those who personally knew or knew of my paternal Grandmother, June Floyd & maternal Grandfather, Jack Lawson why I am as outspoken as I am. My Grandmother June took me to political events throughout my entire childhood & teen years; local, state, & federal. She taught me how to respectfully & thoughtfully speak my mind to politicians without fear, awaiting a respectful retort. Locally, politicians have acted as if I am attacking them or expecting a kidney when all I expect a well-thought-out & respectful reply after approaching them with candor & honesty. I am relieved, if not giddy to see so much of Clarksburg City have new faces on their Council! Clarksburg, you voters did GREAT this past election!
*Just try to remember that change does take time! I see so many of you biting at the bit and getting angry at those who are new on the council for changes not being instant. If you all would like to discuss the desired changes, I would gladly help & I am here. I feel I have a very good working relationship with all of the new sitting members on council!
**Who do you plan on casting your vote on in the next election? Let’s talk!

My Pap Jack ensured I could deal with any and all men from the time I was wee; Generals, Full-Birds, & those on a Board of Directors without batting an eye with their crass jokes choked full of perversions & profanity while still holding my head high, not personalizing anything & sealing the deal! They went from demolishing every old building on Ft Bragg to signing contracts I wrote up! We are talking Picerne military housing & the DOD signing a contract with Habitat for Humanity for “Sustainable Ft Bragg” with smiles on their faces because I was “a breath of fresh air,” a woman who knew how to take a joke & turn it around on them. Habitat for Humanity then was able to deconstruct those buildings, sell everything in those buildings in their ReStores, and use that money to build more houses in Fayette County. That program changed everything for Fayette County Habitat. Took it from being in the red to where it literally lifted every other NC Habitat & the goods received thanks to that contract.

Why did I tell you that story? Because it goes to show that I can & will do whatever is necessary to be a good member of our CommUnity. Even if it means listening to some crass jokes from time to time to ensure we all succeed… that does not mean I will ever waver in doing what’s right or necessary. Let’s face it, I could never be a good ol boy… not on my worst day!

I see Harrison County as having such a uniqueness & vast potential. Yet, no one, no business, nothing has managed to tap into that “unique” vastness. Each time an entertainment business goes in, it is typically overpriced for locals & overlooks some large element necessary to keep itself afloat during a slow period. Looking at the VA Waterpark being overpriced for locals, I for one cannot afford to go. Then at RePlays, that place was really cool & I hate that it shut down. My buddy Chuck, a single dad wanted to get RePlay’s back up & running but lacks the financial ability despite such a valiant effort he put forth. Yet, bars thrive in our area. HarCo’s lack of drug/alcohol-free entertainment only leads to more of our younger generation being lost to escapism ie drug/alcohol use, an endless cycle of dysfunction. It’s sad & we need to address all of this down as a CommUnity!
*Someone actually started crap about videogames causing violence! Really? Think kids don’t endlessly play videogames at home? QUIET with that drama! Kids need a place where they can go to socialize with one another safely, chillin’ with cool/understanding adults, & not feel they need to escape their own lives! We were all kids once upon a time, try to remember what it was like during that time instead of ostracizing every joy about being a kid.



I started a nonprofit organization with a dear friend, Janice, with the help of a great friend, Ryan; K9s to Furkids, Ltd. Together, we have created a program that rescues, rehabilitates, & trains dogs for service; we rescue primarily German Shepherds as well as accepting puppies & young dogs from reputable breeders. While a great deal of work for those of us who volunteer, it benefits dogs, veterans, children, & handicapable such as myself, immeasurably. We provide Service Dogs to those who are ordinarily disregarded by large training centers. We are entirely volunteer & foster-based. We, no doubt, are changing lives for the better.

While we are small, our efforts are most assuredly not. We hope to bring a world-developing change to the lives of those with whom we work with one-on-one throughout this entire process. Educating the soon to be Service Dog handler as well as the family to the intricacies of what goes into turning a K-9 into a Service Dog. As well as bringing a furkid into your home and caring for it as you build an interdependence that will last for the rest of this furkid’s life. Making not only the handler but also your family worthy of this Service Dog’s endless devotion!

We have a Service Dog Education Program in which we go to local schools to speak with the students about the various roles in which Service Dogs play. We also help advocate for Service Dog handlers who have a need to file an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaint alleging disability discrimination against a public accommodation (private business including, for example, a restaurant, doctor’s office, retail store, hotel, etc.).

Are you looking for a good NonProfit Organization of which to volunteer?
We are ALWAYS seeking good force! Loving foster families, citizens for exercise days, good guys & gals for grooming days, a tribe for training, fun folks for fundraisers, and sirs, socialites, & progeny for socialization days!

We are All in this Together!


KaCe, a veteran’s PTSD Service Dog! 


Kai & Kredo! ❤ Seizure Alert & Assist


Ace & Katlyn! ❤ Guide Dog! Atypical – We do not ordinarily provide!





Clarksburg City Election 2021 General Financial Reports

This is information from the General Financial Reports. The info is due prior to the General Election or within 4 business days thereafter. Which means there will be missing information about contributions and expenditures, however this is all of the information that was available currently. I hope this will help the citizens of Clarksburg to make a more educated vote this Election!

Candidate Andrea Pecora
Total Expenditures – 2,502.28
Total Contributions – 850.00

Eugene Pecora – 100.00
Rick Goings – 250.00
Vincent D’Annuzio – 500.00


Candidate Wayne Worth
Total Expenditures – 3647.25
Total Contributions – 4055.00

Melodie Nichols – 10.00
Virginia (Katie) Mace – 25.00
Chad Proudfoot – 100.00
Larry Lynch – 100.00
Randy Crane – 50.00
Conrad Roger Diaz – 200.00
Beth Fitzgerald – 25.00
Douglas Reynolds – 250.00
Phillip Carter – 100.00
Tina Yoke – 100.00
Melissa Matheny – 100.00
Argyle Shingleton – 50.00
Eric Moore – 20.00
Wayne Worth – 25.00
Vincent D’Annunzio – 250.00
Steven L. Arnett – 50.00
Carole D. Arnett – 50.00

Wayne Worth – 500.00
Chad Weaver – 1000.00
Greater PA Carpenter’s PEC – 1000.00


Candidate Brett Imperial

Total Expenditures – 4,963.02

Total Contributions – 5,050.33

Vincent D’Annunzio – 250.00
Perry McAtee – 2800.00
Adda McAtee – 1180.00
Brett Imperial – 820.33


Candidate Jerry Riffle
Total Expenditures – 929.93
Total Contributions – 1,660.00

Jerry Riffle – 500.00
Drew Skasik – 160.00
Chad Weaver – 1,000.00

I tried… messy paperwork.


Incumbent Jim Malfregeot

Total Expenditures – 5,950
Total Contributions – 1,776.50



Candidate Tracy Brady
Total Expenditures – 825.22
Total Contributions – 20.00

Eric Moore – 20.00


Candidate Joyce Rabanal

Total Expenditures – 0

Total Contribution – 344.50

Self – 344.50


Tim Gentilozzi
Total Expenditures – 50.00
Total Contributions – 0.00



Candidate Will Hyman
Expenditures – 3,869.50
Contribution – 4,075.00

Beth Fitzgerald – 100.00
Alex Skinner – 25.00
Will Hyman – 3950.00


Candidate Danny Knight
Expenditures – 3792.75
Contributions – 4381.07

Danny Knight – 50.00
Trinity Realty Group – 2,800
Danny Knight – 1,531.07


Clarksburg Water Board

Ashley Lauren Marino – all 0

A Twisted Christmas Indeed – H.R. 133

Merry Christmas!

Tired of those who sit on the Left blaming the Right.
Worn through of those on the Right blaming the Left.
This is why I have a WICKED case of compassion fatigue. I feel like I cannot speak my mind without everyone freaking out, getting angry, and a civil war breaking out at any second! Yes, I fully recognize that is absolute lunacy! But, emotions are not logical.

No one can seem to see what I see. I see how the REAL problem is the control of information! They prey on our emotions, our humanity, our ideals! Then we are all at odds!
If you are reading this, you are ANYTHING but weak minded!!

We are a NATION… who are ALL in this big ol mess together. After all, we cannot resolve this without one another. Going to war with one another will not & CANNOT resolve our problems at the top… which as I see it are the ones who have caused most of our problems! So, just SIMMER DOWN!


Both sides of our system are crooked & complacent!! The politicians could NOT possibly give a flying fig about you, me, our children, our siblings, our parents, or/& our grandparents! Congress made $174,000 in publicly-funded pay this year, received publicly-funded healthcare, kicked back with months of publicly-funded PAID Vacation, are en route to a publicly-funded retirement & now are the first to receive those publicly-funded vaccines that were created thanks to R&D managed by our bloated prescription drug & insurance costs!
#LetThemEatCake #TheyDontCareBear #ShameOnYouMooney #ShameOnYouMiller #WVStrong

My question is, how many $600 lunches have these fat cats enjoyed on the public dime?! TOO DAMN MANY!!

Democrats and Republicans in the U.S. Congress have been fighting since the CARES Act was passed in March and had failed, until now, to pass a new relief bill during that five-month span of growing hardship for American workers. While only 59 of 535 congressional members opposed the bill. That’s right, a veto-proof majority supports it… probably because they either didn’t bother or simply didn’t have the time to actually read the aberration.

While I am NOT a Trumpster, I agree with some of what our president said recently. So, I quoted the words of his I agreed with! Keep it civil, it’s Christmas after all!
“Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists, and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the American people who need it. …Not their fault. I’m asking Congress to amend this bill and increase the ridiculously low $600 to $2000 or $4000 for a couple. I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation and to send me a suitable bill”
– President Trump

Considering how far apart ideologically Senators A.O.C., Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz are, it’s worth taking notice how they are all calling Bovine Excrement at the exact same time at the same issues! Something smells MORE rotten in DC’s beltway than normal!! *nods*

Rand Paul: “The average taxpayer pays around $10,000 in taxes. That means they set the taxes of 5,471,368 people on fire this year. And that’s just what we could document in one little report, and doesn’t come close to counting the unconstitutional things Congress spends on.
Then he went onto list some rather profound things that really ticked me off!! I will list them at the end of this article!

A.O.C.: “Congress is expected to vote on the second-largest bill in US history *today* – $2.5 trillion – and as of about 1pm, members don’t even have the legislative text of it yet.

Ted Cruz: “It’s ABSURD to have a $2.5 trillion spending bill negotiated in secret and then-hours later-demand an up-or-down vote on a bill nobody has had time to read.

We were told it was ALL about Covid Relief:
$117 Billion for Hospitals and Veterans Health Care
$45 Billion for the FEMA Disaster Relief Fund
$16 Billion for the Strategic National Stockpile
$4.3 Billion for the Centers for Disease Control
$11 Billion for Vaccines, Therapeutics, Diagnostics, & Other Medical Needs

PORK, allow me to enlighten you all.
Egypt $1,300,000,000
Sudan, $7000,000,000
Ukraine, $453,000,000
Israel, $500,000,000
Nepal, $130,000,000
Burma, $135,000,000
Cambodia, $85,500,000
Pakistan, $25,000,000
Asia Ria, $1,4000,000,000
Explained: Billions also go to US allies, including $3.3 billion in “grants” to Israel, $1.3 billion to Egypt, $461.3 million for Colombia, $453 to Ukraine, $700 million to Sudan, $241.4 million for Tunisia, $135 to Myanmar, $130 million to Nepal, $85.5 million to Cambodia, $25 million to Pakistan, and $1.4 billion for a so-called Asia Reassurance Initiative Act that aims to counter China.

$3 Billion is for continuing permanent occupation of Afghanistan. $400 million goes to Jordan, Lebanon, Egypt, Tunisia, and Oman. Nearly $6.2 Billion more goes for foreign military financing programs. Another $500 million goes for so-called Israeli cooperative programs that include purchases of US weapons. $40 million is for further destabilizing Syria. $710 million goes for countering ISIS and like-minded jihadist groups that are all about supporting them.

National Art & Humanities, $167,000,000
Smithsonian, $1,000,000,000
National Art Gallery, $154,000,000
W. Wilson Center, $14,000,000
Kennedy Center, $26,400,000
National Endowment for the Arts – $75 million for grants, including funding to state arts agencies and other partners in an effort to help local, state, and regional communities provide continued access to cultural organizations and institutions of learning. A feminist museum got funding? More goes for addressing “youth risk behaviors” and establishing a commission to educate consumers about dangers related to “storing portable fuel containers for flammable liquids near an open flame.” Perhaps this outreach is due to the fires out west? There’s $70 million for “internet freedom” that’s all about controlling the message by stifling dissent. There are folks here in WV who still lack REAL internet access! This has caused our youth to fall PAINFULLY behind during this pandemic! Yet, nothing has happened!

I had previously forgotten to mention Congress wanted to give themselves a huge pay raise; 30 percent equalling about 57,000 each. That’s right, they want to pay themselves about $187,000 a year.

A pisspoor attempt to provide each taxpaying American $600.00. Then, no real changes were made to this bill, they simply tacked on $2,000 for each tax paying American. *facepalm* Seriously, folks?! What the hell? Mad yet? I am!

All of the above is in heavily pork-laden HR 133, likely a whole lot more of the same crammed into its 5,500+ plus pages. I welcome others to read & PLEASE chime in… this thing is absolutely OBSCENE & RIDICULOUS!!…/21/bills-116hr133sa-rcp-116-68.pdf

Joe Rogan chimed in: $2.3 trillion COVID-19 relief and government funding bill started a 180 day countdown for the Pentagon and spy agencies to say what they know about UFOs. Verified. Seriously, how weird is it that they slipped this into a COVID-19 relief bill?”

As Promised:
The National Science Foundation is spending $199,864.00 to see how people cooperate while playing e-sport video games. The National Institutes of Health is spending five years and $1,039,544.00 to try to help people get over their fears of going to the dentist. They also spent $36 million to study why hair turns gray. The Department of Defense spent $174,000,000.00 supplying drones to the Afghan National Army and then subsequently lost them. Defense Department spent $1 BILLION in funds intended for Covid relief on unrelated acquisitions.
– Senator Rand Paul

Clarksburg & HarCo – The more things change…

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
– Animal Farm by George Orwell.

You MUST read all of the images to understand the article.


This is Isaiah R. Hilliard, has been Indicted on 3 counts of 2nd Degree Sexual Assault.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.37.03 PM

Neither WBOY nor WDTV got notification of Isaiah R. Hilliard’s indictment.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.37.16 PM

It is CLEAR Isaiah R. Hilliard was indicted, here in black & white.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.37.40 PM

First, she contacted WDTV, channel 5 to ask why he was not included.

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 4.37.58 PM

Then, she also reached out to WBOY, Channel 12 News.

These are the events that make my skin crawl… the most recent with our county prosecutor’s office. We all desperately wanted to believe that everything had changed when we finally got ourselves a new Prosecutor in Harrison County. Right? I know I certainly had high hopes. How foolish of me.

Then, I see things such as this & the reality of those who are still right and able to pull strings behind the scenes do such without any culpability. No sort of facing the music when it comes to public exposure! Can’t allow that, now can they!!

Could it have been a simple oversight?
What do you think?

What we have here is a nasty mishmash of those who remain in power doing their very best to deny those young women the right to all & any kind of public WIN, despite them earning it. Not to mention any sort of public embarrassment to the current Chief of Clarksburg’s Police Department. These young women were forced to endure more than their fair share of hostility due to the dirty pool tactics of Isaiah Hilliard’s defense lawyer as I understand, the one which Chief Hilliard hired. After all, if you have worked with the man for years, given he is the former prosecutor you know exactly what you are going to get. SMH

I am told, that is why “he” is hired primarily by those who are guilty as homemade sin… all in the hopes that those who have been abused, assaulted, & raped will walk away “of their own volition” AKA in fear of his reputation. That man has earned one hell of a notoriety amongst the criminal element, thanks to his ability to coerce those he knows within the system, manipulate laws, & vindicate criminals through those aforementioned actions.


Who the hell tries to make a 4-year-old go in to testify in front of her abuser? THAT defense lawyer, while a judge nearly allowed it. (Another case for those who were confused.)
Thank you, Deputy Waybright, for being an OUTSTANDING Law Enforcement Officer which did NOT allow that to happen on your watch.


For those which may have missed the dog and pony show… you can see for yourselves EXACTLY what I alluded to in my earlier statement. Keep in mind, I just had this article shared with me, nearly an hour after writing this piece originally.

When you read that article you can witness just how chummy the two of them are with one another. A working relationship is good, but this feels extraordinarily different to me. I want to be wrong, I simply fear that I am not.

Dog & Pony Show



These are the moments that I remember WHY I took up writing for those who need me, right here in Clarksburg… here in Harrison County West, by God, Virginia. Remember, who you are, CommUnity… you have so very much more power than you realize!!




A Real Reason to Rage Against the NFL

Wherever you stand, or kneel, on Kap’s protest, it’s clear he hasn’t disrupted some longstanding NFL tradition of honoring the flag. Taxpayers should be furious and John Moore should be kicked out of office immediately! Oh yeah, but they bank on the people not doing their job and that’s the only way these people win.

Arizona Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake began looking into the Defense Department’s spending of taxpayer dollars on military tributes in June after they discovered the New Jersey Army National Guard paid the New York Jets $115,000 to recognize soldiers at home games.

But, after you dig deeper, you learn the DOD spent $53 million on marketing and advertising contracts with sports teams from 2012 to 2015, the report found, but that also included legitimate ad campaigns such as stadium signs and social media mentions. However, it also included $6.8 million in contracts that contained activities the senators considered “inappropriate” patriotism for profit.

The NFL is getting taxpayer subsidies in other forms as well, such as through stadium subsidies. In fact, many Nevada politicians who people perceive to be supportive of freedom and liberty voted for the stadium bill. Michele Fiore was an aye and John Moore was an aye.

While the video is pulled, the article is worth the read.

Instead of pouring money into this farce, why didn’t they pour the money into our VA hospital system to actually take care of our returning military? 7 Billion in subsidies on stadiums, we all know that the NFL was a nonprofit until 2015. Through the government, we funded 17 percent of the stadium’s total cost. This is a SERIOUS case of our government awarding them to take part in political games! This was wrong. People want to know why our national debt is so out of control, THIS is why. Games such as these!

And for you who worship Snopes…
That site has been debunked so many times & continues to be proven as nothing more than a false propaganda machine. Look at all the citations I provided! Get wise!

What really burns my hind end is all of the spousal abuse, rape, dog fighting, gambling, drinking and driving, fighting, and only God knows what else… and it is only NOW that the NFL cares about social justice.


It NEVER stops! Corporatocracy is repugnant… you will WANT to read this BS.

My Dream is happening – Ready or Not!

Proud to say, I grew up teething on German Shepherd ears… in a family full of German Shepherds & two Sealyham Terriers. Behaviorism comes naturally to me, I grew up as a proper member of the pack. I learned my place… by having bottles knocked out of my hands in the “tail whip zone” when I was a toddler, by being dragged around by my nightgowns by jubilant adolescent playful pups with zero spatial awareness, and being herded back into the yard by adult dogs aware of the dangers of the road, God Bless them. I know the intelligence of dogs because they helped to raise me! They were just as much family as my blood relatives. God made dogs more loyal, loving, and kind than people give them credit!

I have been taking in “strays” for as long as I can remember. I took my first official k9 obedience classes with the 4H at thirteen-years-old. I admit, my GSD Kilo and I didn’t win first place. However, that class ignited a passion in me that burns even now. I have since then taken every class & weekend convention I have been able to afford. I took every class on Ft Bragg that I was able to get my hind end into. I absorbed everything and regret nothing. I love it. I took the dogs that failed out of their programs and found them homes, both locally in Fayetteville & one even here in Harrison County WV. Even now, I do my very best to find those furkids that I rehome the most loving, suitable homes imaginable. Of course, there are always those who don’t understand what it takes to accept a lost soul into their home, don’t hold up their end of the contract, or even lie. Some how, God has managed to look out for those fur-babies thus far and for that, I am and will remain eternally grateful. I will continue to be ever-vigilant in this quest to find fur-ever homes for those who wander across my path.

When I moved back home to Harrison County in 2010, I had no idea things would twist & turn as they have. But, once again, I am thankful for the amazing people that I have met through my very own beloved Furkid and Sd, Drachon Carla O’Dell gifted to me. Then, I met Lori Canepa Dendy and that is when my own life changed forever. I met and became the mother of my very own Segen thanks to her and for that, I am eternally grateful. I have since been blessed to rescue, rehab and rehome a great many dogs through our shared network. What a ride it has been!

First Eli and Cooper;


I was asked to foster two GSDs that came into Animal Control thanks to Elizabeth Keough. After recognizing how well I worked with dogs who had been abused and neglected, she asked me to rescue those I had been fostering. Stephen was certain those two high-drive pups would be impossible to separate into two different homes while having them flourish independently of one another. Thankfully, I was able to prove those preconceived notions wrong. Oh, ye of little faith! 😉

Now, both Buttercup and Tyler are in amazing homes, working daily as seizure alert and assist service dogs to their handlers. I have a standing agreement with the AC Director to rescue, rehab, and home those misunderstood “high-drive” GSDs in the hopes of training those which can be into Service Dogs for those truly in need. What dogs I have been working with have been not only a success but a profound achievement in their placements.


Bear into Goliath;


Knowing health insurances will not pay for Service Dogs will ensure my vision is not only a viable program but an absolute Godsend to those in need. As well as the dogs being rescued from certain euthanasia—to find a perfect place for their work drive, a job to facilitate all that endless energy upon helping a family truly in need. Due to the length and intensity of this training, purchasing a service dog can be exceptionally pricey – anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000 – and as we already deduced they are not covered by any health insurance. Service dogs’ expenses can be deducted from your taxes and there are many other ways to defray the costs;

Most training organizations refuse to work with anyone who needs a dog who 14 or ^ with age appropriate cognitive ability as well as being able to independently command and handle a Service Dog. They must not have any other animals in the home. The average wait time on these waiting lists can range from one to fifteen years. Can you even imagine waiting fifteen years for the help you need? These demands leave out a great number of souls that could & would be most helped by furkids. Janice Bostic, one of my nearest & dearest can now tell you! Not to mention, I get those who want a Service Dog in on the training process. This is anything but a run of a mill Service Dog Training Organization that I wish to build with the families in need!

I am in absolute love with this “mission.” As a sick chick who has a full-time service dog myself, I would prefer to do this with my time. I spend as I can manage this even when I am not at 100% able-bodied due to my own chronic health issues. A K9 understands the needs of his/her pack members.

With proper networking, I know “we” can pull this off! I have spoken to a dear friend who just so happens to be an attorney. He has agreed to do the legal work to get this Nonprofit’s necessary paperwork completed and filed. Then we will have “From K9s to Furkids” up and running without everything coming out of our own families’ pockets without the benefit of tax deductions. That would allow all of us to garner assistance from volunteers, donations, and to begin fundraising events instead of everything being so very “hand to mouth” as is the case currently.

We have covered the very first order of business raising $400.00 to file the papers to become a 501(3)c! Thank you! You know who you are! ❤

To donate after this evening, your donation will be tax-deductible! 😀

The very next step would be to raise the funds to build a year round working kennel/training arena; it would be nestled between the house & the wood shop as to not compromise the beautiful yard.

Having already done the basic research, I know a basic building costs $4,500 to $5,500. Then, we can begin the efforts of laying a concrete foundation, then heating/cooling and windows. Obviously, I have already put earnest thought into this as a sincere future for myself as well as those families and k9s this effort will be helping well into the future. This is as I understand it, not only the very first SD Training Center of its kind by using rescue dogs, it is also the first where it will be incorporating the families in the actual training process to assist in the bonding & boosting of confidence of our soon-to-be handlers! ❤

I look forward to speaking with you & your family, then working with you all in the future. We all have the lives of dogs to save as well as the quality of so many human lives to change for the better! Let’s get to it!

What is Most Important?

What is most important?
This is an important question, so think deeply!

OUR PEOPLE; being fed, housed, safe, healthy, clothed, educated, loved, sane, and happy all in a way of life that will ensure all can continue. However all of that iis in SERIOUS danger given how horrid the left and right are refusing to so much as communicate with one another. 

Look around, Dear God… just look around. Thank God, I’m an Independent.

Conditioning, Indoctrination, and corruption are everywhere we look. Mainly because of the television and radio bringing it into our very homes at all times of day & night – Programming. We believe EVERYONE is out to get us. Everything is out to get us.

We are taught to FEAR!! Fear everything!! We are fed that lie by the mainstream media, despite the murder rates being the lowest they have been in over 60 years; you would certainly NEVER know it! We are taught how to act socially normal by the “stars” on television. You are supposed to WANT to be like them, to emulate all they do and say; including their addictions, piss-poor morals, lack of standards, any sort of ethics, selfish greed, lack of empathy, and all held together with raging eating disorders & narcissism… after all it’s fashionable! I say no thank you! My parents raised me to march to the beat of my own drum for a reason; Originals are worth so much more than a cheap knockoff.

If you are a part of my world, you are very much an original. So here is what we are going to do my lovelies! Surely you all have some nature of children in your life of some type? Sons, Daughters? No? Then what about nieces, nephews, God-children, cousins, friend’s kids, etc. Yes, wee-ones.
Those are the tiny lil things that piddle, snot, and scream should you dare to mishandle them.
I’m going to let you in on a little secret, for years I have pretended to not be much of a fan. But, truth be told I am the very best auntie in the ENTIRE world. Ask any one of my nieces or nephews, they will tell you in a VERY excited tone how wonderful I am. I throw down this gauntlet with googly eyes to you one and all, my terribly original & beloved kin.

Take the treasured children in your life to teach them the real value of nature, imagination, quiet time in shared whispers, loud laughter, or even reading a book… AWAY from the te’LIE‘vision.

Teach them the true value of elders, for so few understand until it is far too late and the wisdom they hold can only be shared during their golden years! I was best friends with my Grandfather and both of my Grandmothers. Thanks to them, I’ve always been wise beyond my years. That is something that NO ONE else on earth can provide you, except your elders. Appreciate them for the rare and extremely dated gift that they are because they are only here with you for a very short time.

Take them to volunteer at a local homeless shelter so they may learn what it means to have nothing, and they will learn to appreciate EVERYTHING! Every year the day after my birthday party, my mom would have me go through all of my old toys and do a count. In order to make room for my new toys that I got for my birthday, we would donate that many of my old toys to a local charity. It was always my favorite thing to do because I got to pick them, clean them up, make them beautiful again, and then we got to deliver them to the charity. Only then did I get to come home and put away the new toys I got for my birthday. Honestly, that part wasn’t nearly as fun for me. My parents are amazing! They really raised the bar for “out of the box” parenting! I can never thank them enough for raising me as they did.

Take those children you hold the most precious in your life with a large box of crayons, a pack of construction paper, & tape. That way you all can draw art as you visit the HEROES and also brighten up their rooms at the local VA hospital. To learn such a life lesson as what it means to cheer up someone’s life which has made a real SACRIFICE for what they believed to be their country… only to learn later they may have been lied to and it was too late with their name on the dotted line. As your child’s tiny hands draw them as the great American hero they intended to become, in your child’s eyes they truly ARE that real American HERO much will be resolved in that soldier’s injured soul. By letting the Heroes know they are not FORGOTTEN, they are still loved, appreciated, and able to lay their personal sins aside, despite their situation, age, injury, or dis-ease they are still a part of the ONENESS that is our United States of America. That action alone will greatly diminish the suicide rate of our troops coming home… of this I assure you!

Children possess so much true power through their absolute perfect and COMPLETE LOVE; if only we allow them to be free with their ideas, energy, and intuition! Children need to be taught to think, not what to think! Children are born as individuals already, intact souls; you need only look a baby in the eyes to fully realize that! Far too many parents force a child into a cycle of dysfunction that they themselves were forced into as children – being a parent gives you the opportunity to BREAK that cycle. Recognize that opportunity, embrace it!

Teach those tiny eyes & itty bitty fingers to be grateful & curious for the creepy crawly bugs at the beginning of spring that come up from the dirt alongside the flowers. Never grossed out nor fearful, curiosity and compassion is far better!! Teach them to sing, draw, and dance when it rains outside, as that rain is what helps the flowers to grow; never be bored nor embarrassed! Once the rain stops, put on mud boots and go outside to make mud pies in full appreciation of the circle of life! Plant flower seeds in those mud pies and water them every day after, until you see the fruits of your labor of love! Plant those mud pies together and watch those flowers bloom together as nature’s  natural works of art!

THESE are the acts of kindness which will turn our world around from the mess we find ourselves!

It’s time and not money that children crave… if only more parents would understand that. It would be nice if you had nicer things, but in the end… things are just things, and none of us can take them with us. So, spend your time wisely as children are only young once, and you are forging a human being! Be wise about it!

You are literally holding the future in your hands! We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are merely borrowing it from our children… and their children… and so on!

If you find this outpouring of my soul, heart, & mind worthy of passing along, please do so. I wrote the original of this, in April of 2013, I am only now editing to put on WordPress recognizing how much the world needs a lift. Let’s keep this message positive!! Furthermore, can we see how far it will go in the hopes of making the right kind of difference?! ♥

Thank you!

Mankind Is Our Vessel

“You cannot pour from an empty vessel.”

As an advocate, I am told this tidbit of advice regularly as I am overly generous in all ways and those of whom know me best know I will give until there is nothing left to give.

Yet, when it comes to governance that very same philosophic principle is disregarded and perceived as some sort of ill-conceived council or downright selfish. What is even more confusing is when it comes to the taxpayer’s coffer’s when citizens are having both an obesity and starvation epidemic simultaneously; the war on drugs is over as true profiteering big pharma won. How is it we expect our politicians to be proper advocates for each of us if we refuse them the same advice we give to our best advocates? We expect them to play by an entirely different set of rules as the media calls them racist for looking after their constituents and keeping their promises. This is why so very many were voting against their own best interests for so very long and so many continue to do such. Why we have the endless choice betwixt Dumb and Dumber for political candidates while our mainstream media are all shills. 

We have been conditioned by ourselves, the federal system, and the social construct that our world has become thanks to the elites constant meddling with their neverending pocket change. We have become little more than rats in their maze; the worst part is that we have yet to recognize the pawns, to stop playing each singular piece as it hurts. We will lose pieces from the board as we continue and as terrifying as that may be, we have no more choice now than we have at any point in our nation’s history. Life has become a brutal game of Chess, all thanks to the various elite and their infernal endless wars, their endless tit for tat, and their damned games.

So, strap in, hug loved ones,
take a deep breath & remember;

We are ALL in this Together


Below is what I can only hope and PRAY that we are undertaking as Americans:

We no longer seek to force our way of life on anyone but instead prefer to allow it radiate as a precedent so that others might learn to treat their own citizens with more basic rights and respect before sending so much of their resources and wealth into other countries. We wish to raise our basic standard of living for our own countrymen so that we can be a living representation of what we wish to bring forth to the rest of the world. We cannot pour from an empty vessel… but in time, our vessel will once again run over then we will once again gladly share with the world generously. We simply ask that you give us the time and respect to collect ourselves.

Thank you,

The United States of America