The “Rebelution” Will NOT be Televised

Journalist Jon Ziegler is the latest to be abused by Morton County Sheriff’s Department in their desecration of the United States Constitution in the name of BIG $$ corporations.

1. Standing Rock’s Barricades were breached Weds night/Thus Morning by Law Enforcement

2. Ziegler’s name can be heard shouted from the MCSD right before the phone he was live streaming from is hit with a rubber bullet – his finger broken, bloody, and was shot twice more in the leg.

3. Ziegler & one other was taken to the ER.

Members of the 4th Estate, any and all who dare to tread near Standing Rock to cover the happenings of Water Protectors by local law enforcement have been made painstakingly aware of all risks they are undertaking. How many members of the “Free Press” have you seen kept out of the country, wrongfully arrested, charged, assaulted, and even shot at Standing Rock since the movement NoDapl has begun? TOO MANY! The nonstop harassment to those which dance in the mainstream, still daring to show up, report the happenings to educate the good citizens of the atrocities occurring? Only for Amy Goodman to be issued an arrest warrant the very next time she dared to set foot in the county again. Which was ruled to be bunk, only to be written another immediately, this time for a riot? All in the hopes of sending a crystal clear message to all journalists “Do not come here.” Thank God we are a steadfast breed that refuses to back off/down.
(Well, some of us!)

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Jonathan Ziegler, @Rebelutionary Z, was singled out by these infamous thugs in uniform to be added to their “Scroll of Sacrilegious Suffering” AKA the latest in the long list of press who has been victimized by this sham of a sheriff’s department for courageously doing their jobs as journalists.


Elaboration on the Breach

On Backwater Bridge just north of Oceti Sakowin Camp has been the Sheriff’s chosen barricade for months, the rule has been unspoken yet LOUD & CLEAR; law enforcement stays north while the water protectors say south of that barricade. MCSD decided to try out a new strategy on Wednesday night; breaking the very rule that they themselves laid out. They came south of the barricade to remove & steal a tipi. The water protectors went to the bridge, then demanded that it be returned as it was in fact, their property. Who wouldn’t be a might bit ticked? The law enforcement officers refused to return the stolen property, does anyone else see how bizarre this situation became at this point?

Another group began erecting another tipi where the last stood. At that point, the second crossing of the barricade began as “police” reportedly went to the south side of the barricade once again. Then out of nowhere, began shooting, granted using rubber bullets against the water protectors to stop any progress in assembling that tipi. They were looking for a reason, any reason to open fire on peaceful people. Unable to find a cognitive and logical reason, they created one; stealing a tipi. This action that “law enforcement” used, and boy, do I use that term loosely, led to a standoff that went on for hours until the “officers” would once again cross the barricade for the third time.

Ziegler was a total rockstar throughout this backwater BS of an operation, doing what good journalists do!! He was covering the story; Livestreaming ( for the majority of the wannabe lynch mob in modern day America! We are still in the USA, right? “Land of the Free“ here in 2017? I haven’t time traveled? (Sorry) I had to throw that in there for the WOKE readers!!

It was the third livestream when everything went to hell in a hand basket. Jon Ziegler actually managed to film himself being shot three times with rubber bullets! **growl**


The “Rebelution” will NOT be Televised- It Will Be LiveStreamed

I am a passionate woman as if you couldn’t tell by my writing… this entire ordeal worked me up and ticked me off. I could never and would NEVER stand beside an officer of the law who wasn’t capable of respecting the Constitution.

You will see “LEOs” moving towards the unarmed Water Protectors all while using pepper spray, using the wind to further the weapon. At the 40 second mark, I clearly heard someone from the LEO’s side call,“Jon Ziegler.” Granted, it is rather muddied when it is followed up by other officers yelling, but if you listen for “fall back” mere seconds after, you can’t miss Ziegler’s profanity as he is shot three times with nonlethal rounds. After you see his hand, you will QUICKLY understand his profanity and call out for a MEDIC!

Morton County Sheriff’s Department Shoot Journalist Jon Ziegler


Injury vs Hurt

The moment you see the photo, you recognize Ziegler isn’t hurt, he is injured. He needs medical attention, first a medic… then?

No Ambulances were available so they were driven – Many other injuries, across the camp, were handled by medics on site.
Headed to ER photo


Update on hand:


Newer Update – Surgeon Required


22 Arrested, Rubber Bullets & Tear Gas on UNARMED Citizens



Care to help Jon Ziegler w his hospital bills from this incident?
Jonathan Ziegler’s Paypal
Help with Hospital Bills!



I am so tired of the American Public getting things entirely clouded because they have one bit of misinformation and latch onto like a dog with a bone.
So, I am going to make a statement that will no doubt make this article UNPOPULAR with the water protectors… only it shouldn’t.

Where you stand in regard to the DAPL is not the main priority when the activities of the MCSD oversteps all moral and ethical bounds as law enforcement. The First Amendment is first in the Bill of Rights for a reason. It is vital for free people to exercise those rights listed without restriction. If you are so very conditioned that you are INCAPABLE of comprehending that, then you are no longer an American. You are now nothing more than a corporate drone, you are a slave to the almighty dollar.

I live in the heart of the Appalachia if you don’t take what work is available you starve to death. I get it, I HATE IT but, I get it.

How about we stop being absolute uncaring jackasses to one another so we can start seeing the larger picture as Americans for once? Is it even possible?
Rubber Bullets Should NOT Have Rubberstamp on Being Nonlethal

Writing in the medical journal, The Lancet, (Volume 359, Issue 9320), the doctors indicated that wounds were distributed across the bodies of the victims. They pointed out that firing the bullets at civilians made it “impossible to avoid severe injuries to vulnerable body regions such as the head, neck and upper torso, leading to substantial mortality, morbidity and disability”.

They added: “We reported a substantial number of severe injuries and fatalities inflicted by use of rubber bullets when vulnerable upper-body regions such as the head, neck and upper torso were struck.

“This type of ammunition should therefore not be considered a safe method of crowd control.”

“From 1970 to 1975, the British military fired off 55,000 rounds of 5.9-inch (15-centimeter) rubber bullets in Northern Ireland, reportedly killing 13 people at a death rate of 1 in 18,000 rounds and resulting in a severe injury rate of 1 in 800.”

The rubber bullet has been portrayed as a “non-lethal” option and has gained preference in riot-control despite the fact that it was designed to be safer, several cases of fatalities continue to be reported. Most due to abuse in terms of range and location of the body targeted. This is a case report of such a fatality following shotgun rubber bullet injury, including the circumstance surrounding this unusual occurrence, the autopsy findings and reports of the ballistic analysis. Four projectiles penetrated the right chest lodging in the right lung and injuring the right pulmonary artery, causing death. The mechanism of death in this case is rapid massive pulmonary hemorrhage.

The injuries in 90 patients caused by rubber bullets are described. There was 1 death and 17 people in the series had permanent disabilities or deformities. In 41 patients the injuries necessitated admission to hospital. One fatality outside this series is known. Injuries to the head and neck were frequent and severe.



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