Mankind Is Our Vessel

“You cannot pour from an empty vessel.”

As an advocate, I am told this tidbit of advice regularly as I am overly generous in all ways and those of whom know me best know I will give until there is nothing left to give.

Yet, when it comes to governance that very same philosophic principle is disregarded and perceived as some sort of ill-conceived council or downright selfish. What is even more confusing is when it comes to the taxpayer’s coffer’s when citizens are having both an obesity and starvation epidemic simultaneously; the war on drugs is over as true profiteering big pharma won. How is it we expect our politicians to be proper advocates for each of us if we refuse them the same advice we give to our best advocates? We expect them to play by an entirely different set of rules as the media calls them racist for looking after their constituents and keeping their promises. This is why so very many were voting against their own best interests for so very long and so many continue to do such. Why we have the endless choice betwixt Dumb and Dumber for political candidates while our mainstream media are all shills. 

We have been conditioned by ourselves, the federal system, and the social construct that our world has become thanks to the elites constant meddling with their neverending pocket change. We have become little more than rats in their maze; the worst part is that we have yet to recognize the pawns, to stop playing each singular piece as it hurts. We will lose pieces from the board as we continue and as terrifying as that may be, we have no more choice now than we have at any point in our nation’s history. Life has become a brutal game of Chess, all thanks to the various elite and their infernal endless wars, their endless tit for tat, and their damned games.

So, strap in, hug loved ones,
take a deep breath & remember;

We are ALL in this Together


Below is what I can only hope and PRAY that we are undertaking as Americans:

We no longer seek to force our way of life on anyone but instead prefer to allow it radiate as a precedent so that others might learn to treat their own citizens with more basic rights and respect before sending so much of their resources and wealth into other countries. We wish to raise our basic standard of living for our own countrymen so that we can be a living representation of what we wish to bring forth to the rest of the world. We cannot pour from an empty vessel… but in time, our vessel will once again run over then we will once again gladly share with the world generously. We simply ask that you give us the time and respect to collect ourselves.

Thank you,

The United States of America


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