What is Most Important?

What is most important?
This is an important question, so think deeply!

OUR PEOPLE; being fed, housed, safe, healthy, clothed, educated, loved, sane, and happy all in a way of life that will ensure all can continue. However all of that iis in SERIOUS danger given how horrid the left and right are refusing to so much as communicate with one another. 

Look around, Dear God… just look around. Thank God, I’m an Independent.

Conditioning, Indoctrination, and corruption are everywhere we look. Mainly because of the television and radio bringing it into our very homes at all times of day & night – Programming. We believe EVERYONE is out to get us. Everything is out to get us.

We are taught to FEAR!! Fear everything!! We are fed that lie by the mainstream media, despite the murder rates being the lowest they have been in over 60 years; you would certainly NEVER know it! We are taught how to act socially normal by the “stars” on television. You are supposed to WANT to be like them, to emulate all they do and say; including their addictions, piss-poor morals, lack of standards, any sort of ethics, selfish greed, lack of empathy, and all held together with raging eating disorders & narcissism… after all it’s fashionable! I say no thank you! My parents raised me to march to the beat of my own drum for a reason; Originals are worth so much more than a cheap knockoff.

If you are a part of my world, you are very much an original. So here is what we are going to do my lovelies! Surely you all have some nature of children in your life of some type? Sons, Daughters? No? Then what about nieces, nephews, God-children, cousins, friend’s kids, etc. Yes, wee-ones.
Those are the tiny lil things that piddle, snot, and scream should you dare to mishandle them.
I’m going to let you in on a little secret, for years I have pretended to not be much of a fan. But, truth be told I am the very best auntie in the ENTIRE world. Ask any one of my nieces or nephews, they will tell you in a VERY excited tone how wonderful I am. I throw down this gauntlet with googly eyes to you one and all, my terribly original & beloved kin.

Take the treasured children in your life to teach them the real value of nature, imagination, quiet time in shared whispers, loud laughter, or even reading a book… AWAY from the te’LIE‘vision.

Teach them the true value of elders, for so few understand until it is far too late and the wisdom they hold can only be shared during their golden years! I was best friends with my Grandfather and both of my Grandmothers. Thanks to them, I’ve always been wise beyond my years. That is something that NO ONE else on earth can provide you, except your elders. Appreciate them for the rare and extremely dated gift that they are because they are only here with you for a very short time.

Take them to volunteer at a local homeless shelter so they may learn what it means to have nothing, and they will learn to appreciate EVERYTHING! Every year the day after my birthday party, my mom would have me go through all of my old toys and do a count. In order to make room for my new toys that I got for my birthday, we would donate that many of my old toys to a local charity. It was always my favorite thing to do because I got to pick them, clean them up, make them beautiful again, and then we got to deliver them to the charity. Only then did I get to come home and put away the new toys I got for my birthday. Honestly, that part wasn’t nearly as fun for me. My parents are amazing! They really raised the bar for “out of the box” parenting! I can never thank them enough for raising me as they did.

Take those children you hold the most precious in your life with a large box of crayons, a pack of construction paper, & tape. That way you all can draw art as you visit the HEROES and also brighten up their rooms at the local VA hospital. To learn such a life lesson as what it means to cheer up someone’s life which has made a real SACRIFICE for what they believed to be their country… only to learn later they may have been lied to and it was too late with their name on the dotted line. As your child’s tiny hands draw them as the great American hero they intended to become, in your child’s eyes they truly ARE that real American HERO much will be resolved in that soldier’s injured soul. By letting the Heroes know they are not FORGOTTEN, they are still loved, appreciated, and able to lay their personal sins aside, despite their situation, age, injury, or dis-ease they are still a part of the ONENESS that is our United States of America. That action alone will greatly diminish the suicide rate of our troops coming home… of this I assure you!

Children possess so much true power through their absolute perfect and COMPLETE LOVE; if only we allow them to be free with their ideas, energy, and intuition! Children need to be taught to think, not what to think! Children are born as individuals already, intact souls; you need only look a baby in the eyes to fully realize that! Far too many parents force a child into a cycle of dysfunction that they themselves were forced into as children – being a parent gives you the opportunity to BREAK that cycle. Recognize that opportunity, embrace it!

Teach those tiny eyes & itty bitty fingers to be grateful & curious for the creepy crawly bugs at the beginning of spring that come up from the dirt alongside the flowers. Never grossed out nor fearful, curiosity and compassion is far better!! Teach them to sing, draw, and dance when it rains outside, as that rain is what helps the flowers to grow; never be bored nor embarrassed! Once the rain stops, put on mud boots and go outside to make mud pies in full appreciation of the circle of life! Plant flower seeds in those mud pies and water them every day after, until you see the fruits of your labor of love! Plant those mud pies together and watch those flowers bloom together as nature’s  natural works of art!

THESE are the acts of kindness which will turn our world around from the mess we find ourselves!

It’s time and not money that children crave… if only more parents would understand that. It would be nice if you had nicer things, but in the end… things are just things, and none of us can take them with us. So, spend your time wisely as children are only young once, and you are forging a human being! Be wise about it!

You are literally holding the future in your hands! We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we are merely borrowing it from our children… and their children… and so on!

If you find this outpouring of my soul, heart, & mind worthy of passing along, please do so. I wrote the original of this, in April of 2013, I am only now editing to put on WordPress recognizing how much the world needs a lift. Let’s keep this message positive!! Furthermore, can we see how far it will go in the hopes of making the right kind of difference?! ♥

Thank you!


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