BeingFranc’s Flattr

Given the recent requirements that have arose with my endeavor to bring you the transparency and insight as I have been, I thought it could not hurt to ask for assistance from those readers who would like to help out and can afford to do so. I will be investing all funds gathered from this effort towards the needs that are developing alongside running BeingFranc. Be it $5 or $500 each dime will go towards the obvious inadequacies that continue to arise as I go.
Some of the purchases I will make when the funds become available

  • An upright Tripod
  • A table top Tripod for close quarters
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Software to edit videos, photos, & sound 
  • Server space online to upgrade this site with multimedia and more
  • A camera upgrade
  • SD Cards

Thank you for your consideration.

Click upon the Flattr button to DONATE! 


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